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New details about Michelle Duggar's past have surfaced, and it shows that the "19 Kids and Counting" matriarch wasn't as conservative during her younger days.

Michelle now advises her children to dress up modestly by wearing long skirts and loose clothing, but when she was a teen Michelle loved to show some skin, a new OK! Magazine report stated.

Michelle was reportedly a wild child growing up, and she is said to have loved showing off her legs while she was a cheerleader at Springdale High School.

"Her neighbors used to complain because she'd mow the lawn in a bikini and wear short skirts!" Raymond Yeatman, whose daughter Lisa was a high school friend of Michelle, told Star Magazine, reported OK!. "They were always trying to get her to cover up her legs. And so were her parents," Yeatman added.

Joe Roblee, one of her classmates, told the media outlet he was surprised to see the transformation Michelle has gone through – from being a hot cheerleader in high school to the conservative matriarch of the Duggar family. "I've seen commercials for the show, but I never in a million years would've believed that's Michelle!" he said.

The Duggars are currently in the news after reports of the eldest Duggar child's dark past came to light. Josh Duggar, the eldest son of Michelle and Jim Bob, grabbed headlines for molesting five minors, including his sisters, as a teen.

This has put their family's reality show in jeopardy, as a number of big sponsors have withdrawn their support.

However, a number of fans have come out to support the Duggars, with many hoping that the show will be back on the small screen soon.

"I really wish I would have known them and watched their life during my teenage years. I know I would have made smarter choices. They have helped me realize WE SHOULD STRIVE TO PLEASE GOD NOT OTHERS. Their testimony with their ups and downs is so real and an example to follow," one fan wrote.