19 Kids and Counting
'19 Kids and Counting' stars Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard 'are settling in back at home' after Baby Isreal's Birth.Instagram/Derick Dillard

While Jill Duggar is busy tending to her just-born son Israel David, a website hacker has taken advantage of her vulnerability to post ridiculous posts on her Facebook page, leaving her fans shocked. Some of the messages posted by the hacker are so explicit that it would be sin on the pious Christian mother to even look at them.

The random posts started appearing on the 23-year-old's Facebook page on Monday night and had many dirty photos, which would lead viewers to spam pages like "10 Best Reasons To Sleep With A Hot Mom" and even Disney characters acting out scenes from "Fifty Shades of Grey", which Jill might not have even read in her entire life.

Many of Jill's fans were upset with the posts, but later realised that they were spam messages and that the devoted Christian's profile was hacked. They refused to believe that Jill had posted such things on her wall.

They were outraged with the hacker and asked him to back off from Jill's profile, but no amount of abuse seemed to demotivate the hacker, as he kept on posting sleazy stuff on her wall.

However, neither Jill nor her husband Derick Dillard seem to have checked the profile, as they were busy with their son who turned a month-old just some days back. They were recently seen in the Church baptising their little one. 

Watch some of the Facebook spams made by the hackers below. To check out the rest follow her Facebook page here.

  • Jill Duggar
    Jill Duggar's Facebook page got hacked.Twitter/ Screenshot
  • Jill Duggar
    Jill Duggar's Facebook profile got hacked.Twitter/ Screenshot