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Jana Duggar of "19 Kids and Counting" fame is not dating former Denver Bronco quarterback Tim Tebow, the footballer's representative and the Duggar family have confirmed.

Tim and Jana have not even met, but speculations of a budding romance started doing the rounds after Tim's mother Pam met the Duggars at a speaking engagement last month.

"Soon after the Duggars met Pam, some followers of the Duggars started a rumor that Jana Duggar was courting Tim Tebow. Tim did not visit the Duggars' house, and he and Jana have never met," the Duggars noted on their blog.

Shortly before the dating rumours started, Jana too noted about her single status to People saying: "We've always gotten different ones asking, 'When is it going to be your turn? When is it your time?' I just think for me I am just waiting...When God brings that one along it will be his timing."

However, this has not stopped a section of fans from rooting for Jana and Tim to be together, as they feel the youngsters would be the perfect couple as they share a lot in common.

For instance, both Jana and Tim are devout Christians. As fans of TLC's "19 Kids and Counting" know, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have taught their 19 kids the importance of Christian values, and the same can be said about the Tebows as well.

Both Pam and her husband, Bob, lived in the Philippines as missionaries, and currently work towards spreading the word of God through the Bob Tebow Evangelistic Association. Tim, too, uses football as a platform to spread the word of God and he is often seen with bible verses written under his eyes.

Another factor that binds Tim and Jana, according to E!News, is that both of them are virgins, and they are saving themselves for their future spouse. And because both Tim and Jana come from large families -- Tim has four older siblings -- there is a possibility that even they would want a large one when they start planning.