Heard about teen prodigy Moshe Kai Cavalin? Believe it or not, at the age of 17 this young boy flies airplanes, holds two college degrees and is also an author?

Moshe Kai Cavalin was just four months old when he pointed to a jet in the sky and said his first word -airplane in Mandarin, Newser website reported.

At a time when students play in schools and do homework, Cavalin studied trigonometry. He was only seven then. By the age of 11, he had graduated from the community college.

"At 15 years of age, he also held a bachelor's degree in Math from the prestigious UCL in Los Angeles", Newser website reported.

"I think most people just think he (Cavalin) is a genius. They believe it comes naturally. He actually worked harder than the students I have ever met," a former professor told the website.

This year Cavalin enrolled himself for a course in Cyber-security through Brandeis University but decided to postpone doing it when he got a call from NASA. Presently, he is interning with NASA to develop surveillance technology for airplanes and drones.

"I needed an intern who knew mathematical algorithms and also knew software. I also needed a pilot who could fry it on a Cessna", said Cavalin's boss.

The prodigy, who was once bullied, has just authored and published his second book in which talks about bullying.

"My case is not very special. It is just a combination of motivation, inspiration and parenting" he said in an interview to the Newser website.

If this wasn't enough already, Cavalin plans to win a pilot's license before this year-end, although legally he is still underage to drive a car.

Talking about his future plans, he says he would like to get a masters degree in business from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, but will wait to find a girlfriend until he completes a doctorate.