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Kerala's Excise Commissioner Rishiraj Singh has become the butt of every joke on social media after a particular statement made by him during a state-level programme attended by chartered accountant students became unacceptable for many. The IPS officer said that if any man who stares at any woman for more than 14-second would be booked, and the remark has invited trolls and memes on social media.

While few netizens asked what happens if they stare at a woman for 13 seconds and then looks at another, several others attacked the senior officer on social media by calling it as a ridiculous statement made by Singh. "On the independence day, I am confused by 14 seconds rule set by Rishiraj Singh; how will I watch Olympics? [sic]," wrote a Facebook user Dhanu Raj.

Meanwhile, Kerala Sports Minister EP Jayarajan has reportedly called the "14 second" statement made by Singh as "annoying" and added that every human being has some weaknesses.

However, miring in controversy in not new for Singh, who won the "rough cop" tag after serving as Kerala's transport commissioner. He was also criticised for allegedly disrespecting then Home Minister Ramesh Chennithala during the passing out parade of state women police in Thrissur on July 11. It was then said that the officer had violated the protocol by not saluting the minister.

While addressing the students on the safety of women on Independence Day, Aug. 15, Singh also told them to learn martial arts as well as to have a knife or pepper spray for self-defence. He asked the women to quickly react if men pass offencive comments or touch them unnecessarily.

Check out how netizens reacted to the "14-second" statement made by Singh:

Sandeep Namboodiri

Perhaps too much of public praise and appreciation have made Rishiraj Singh a megalomaniac! He feels he can overstep his mandate as an Excise Commissioner and comment on something beyond his purview! Mr. Singh is of the opinion that if a guy is to stare at a woman for more than 14 seconds he could end up behind bars! Oh please so called Super cop... give us a break! ‪#‎DelusionsOfGrandeur ‪#‎RishirajSingh

Anoop Ashok

Rishiraj Singh IPS kindly understand this is 2016...and girls don't get pregnant if boys look at them for 14 seconds. What will you do if girls look boys for 14 seconds? How the hell did u get this 14 second measurement???? When u started catching guys without helmets and left women we didn't say anything. But this.... Sorry we men are not fools... Kindly understand that. Touch ur heart and say that u haven't looked a girl in ur life.

Joshua George

Kerala ministers are behind IPS officers.
If Rishiraj Singh said about starting at a woman being punishable, he is not a fool. It is a pity some silly politicians are commenting at every officer and it is the minister that needs to be educated on logics. Pity they try to get noticed through egoism and cheap popularity. A shame on this minister.

Check out the viral trolls and memes on the "14 second" remark here:

Poor boy friend looking at his girlfriend:
"During the first 13 second"
"Next one second"
"Again 15-27 second"

Girl 1: "He is staring at me."
Girl 2: "No, he was staring at me for 13 seconds and looked at you not to get involved in police case."

Guy 1: "Da, will she love you?
Guy 2: "Could you stop talking? I cannot concentrate as each second is crucial."

Facial expressions of a man staring at a woman at 3 second, 7 second, 10 second and quarter to 13 second.