Motorola has thrown down the gauntlet to Apple with its latest offering Atrix HD which is priced at $99. The handset has good specifications that can match up to best Android phones.

Atrix HD has overshadowed iPhone 4S in many aspects. Check out the areas where Motorola Atrix HD scores over Apple iPhone 4S.

Higher Screen Resolution:
The HD tag added to the phone itself indicates the resolution of the handset which is 720 x 1280 pixels, way more than 640 x 960 resolution of iPhone 4S.

Bigger Display:
Motorola has embedded light weight features in 4.5-inch display in the giant device which is 25 percent more than 3.5-inch display of iPhone 4S. Atrix HD, with big screen backed by HD capabilities, is the right choice for users who are into games and entertainment. The text looks crisper in HD screen.

Equal Pixel Density:
Surprisingly, Atrix HD features 326ppi pixel density similar to that of Apple iPhone 4S. According to Apple, the pixel density found in iPhone 4S is difficult to be noticed by naked eye which now Atrix HD enjoys. Rarely, there is smartphones in the market that can match iPhone 4S pixel density. Motorola has achieved it with bigger display.

Both the devices support Bluetooth version 4.0, however Atrix HD supports A2DP, LE and EDR whereas iPhone 4S supports only A2DP.

Apple iPhone 4S is 9.3mm thin while that of Atrix HD is 8.4 mm.

Double RAM Power:
Motorola's new handset has 1 GB RAM support. iPhone 4S has half the RAM of Atrix HD.

Lot More Battery Power:
With Li-Ion 1780 mAh battery Atrix HD scores over iPhone 4S which features Li-Po 1432 mAh. Moreover, the battery in Motorola's device is removable and can be charged via standard USB cable, which cannot be done in iPhone 4S.

There is microSD slot, HDMI output, DLNA support and USB mass storage option for transferring files, music, photos via USB and there is no need to install any additional software. On the other hand, iPhone 4S doesn't feature any of these options.

Faster Downloads:
Due to LTE support, Atrix HD can download 42 MB per second, which beats iPhone 4S.

Atrix HD is powered by dual-core Krait processor which clocks at 1.5 GHz, making it way faster than 1 GHz dual-core processor in iPhone 4S.

Operating system:
There is free navigation software and adobe flash support in Atrix HD and it is a well known fact that iPhone 4S doesn't support these features in their OS.

Atrix HD, with all these features, is priced at $99 in AT&T network in US. In fact, it difficult to find a better deal than the new Motorola handset if one is to compare with the prices smartphones like Nokia Lumia 900, iPhone 4 and the Galaxy S II. The Atrix HD is available for purchase online at AT&T or in the carrier's stores across the US.

It is also reported that Atrix HD is available with Best Buy in titanium flavour for just $49.99 with two year contract. Best Buy says they will ship the device in two to five business days. Apple iPhone 4S is priced at $199 for 16 GB version.

Other common prominent features found in both the handsets include 8-megapixel camera, weighing 140 g and 1080p video recording. The release date of Atrix HD is yet to be announced.