Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Saturday praised Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's policy-making stating that they were 'as fast as the Shinkansen bullet trains'.

The two leaders attended the India-Japan Business Leaders Forum in Delhi on Saturday, where Modi announced that there was a 'Make in India' movement in Japan with a $12 billion fund. 

The Indian leader also said that Japan will, for the first time, import Maruti cars from India. 

"For the first time, Japan will import car from India with Maruti manufacturing it here. It shows a lot," Modi said. 

Abe called for Indian companies to invest in Japan, and said that 'a strong India is good for Japan and a strong Japan is good for India'. 

Praising the Modi government's economic policies, Abe said they were like the 'Shinkansen', the Japanese word for bullet trains.

"High speed, safe and reliable and carrying many people along," Abe said of the Indian PM's policies. 

A Japanese consortium will bring the first bullet train line to India, after it won the $14.3 billion deal, ousting competition from China. 

Indian PM Narendra Modi said that while India needed high-speed bullet trains, it also needed 'high-speed growth'.

India and Japan have sought to come together to counter China's influence in the region, and Modi and Abe's strong personal relations have helped carry forward the partnership. 

The last Indo-Japan summit talks in Tokyo between the two leaders had seen the doubling of Japanese investments in India.

The two leaders will visit Modi's constituency of Varanasi on Saturday.