Man books coffee dates with 1088 Facebook Friends
Matt Kuleza (left) on a coffee date with facebook friend Miles BrownTumblr/Matt Kuleza

You may have thousands of Facebook friends who "like" all your selfies and posts, but how many do you actually know beyond their full names? For instance, you might be Facebook friends with your sister's best friend's sister, but have you ever hung out with her?

Matt Kuleza, a student from Melbourne has started a blog project to resolve this very issue. "I plan to have a one-on-one coffee with every single one of my 1000+ Facebook 'friends' over the space of the next three years, or as long as it takes to complete," posted a determined Kuleza on his tumblr page, where he chronicles the 1000+ coffees project.

In the first post of 1000+ coffees, which was posted on 3 September, Kuleza met Kris Schroeder, his Facebook friend of six years and "caught up on life, world politics and recent travel, discussing his experiences in Kenya and mine in North Korea."

first coffee date
First coffee date with Kris SchroederTumblr/Matt Kuleza

Since then he has been on 27 coffee dates, the last of which was posted on 4 October. All of the 28-year-old's Facebook friends (at present 1088 of them) will be invited to catch up with him, one at a time, over a hot cup or two of coffee.

The motivation behind 1000+ coffees is Kuleza's determination to marry the virtual world with the real one. It is an "exercise in remembering to socialise with and get to know people outside of the 'book'," he says.

Over the month, Kuleza caught up with his ex-girlfriend's radio co-host Jess McGuire; his best friend and song-writing partner Kieran O'Shea; close social media friend Kat Bundy; former girlfriend Clementine Bastow; Juliana Park, a helpful friend from his University; hypothetical love child of Jim Carrey and Hannibal Lecter, Robert Coleman; Simona Castricum, who recently came out as a transgender; ex-housemate and quiet genius Paul Edwards; Cal Mero and Verity Peterson, both friends from primary school he hadn't met in 13 years and his "bro" Baly Knox among others. 

  • Coffee date #27
    Coffee #27 with Clinton James Sigmund, his partner Ashley Hutchinson and their new little bubba Freddie-LouTumblr/Matt Kuleza
  • Coffee #4: Joshua Poly-Goldschläger
    Coffee #4 with PhD candidate Joshua Poly-GoldschlägerTumblr/Matt Kuleza
  • Coffee #8: Kit Webster
    Coffee #8 with Kit Webster, with whom the only exchange of conversation Kuleza has had was "Hello Kit!", back in 2011.Tumblr/Matt Kuleza
  • Coffee #9: Daphne Camf
    Coffee #9 with Daphne Camf, whom Kuleza first met on another social media site, MyspaceTumblr/Matt Kuleza
  • Coffee #12: Mel Glav
    Coffee #12 with Mel Glav before she headed of to Europe on Monday, 15 SeptemberTumblr/Matt Kuleza
  • Coffee #14: Sally Humble
    Coffee #14 with sister's best friend's sister Sally HumbleTumblr/Matt Kuleza
  • Coffee date #19
    Coffee #19 with Becky Sui Zhen, whom Matt Kuleza met while living in TokyoTumblr/Matt Kuleza
  • matt and ben on coffee date
    Bjenny Montero, an artist and #21 coffee date, drew a picture to document their catching up instead of clicking a photo.Tumblr/Matt Kuleza
  • Coffee #23: Courtney Carthy
    Coffee #23 with the eccentric and charismatic Courtney CarthyTumblr/Matt Kuleza
  • Coffee date with Mia Oopsididitagain Haberdashery-Jones
    Coffee #24 with Mia Oopsididitagain Haberdashery-JonesTumblr/Matt Kuleza

Matt had his 27th cup of coffee most recently with Clinton James Sigmund, his partner Ashley Hutchinson and their new baby Freddie-Lou, on Saturday, 4 October. He has a long way to go before he can successfully complete his blog project.