100 degree Celsius
Poster of "100 Degree Celsius"Facebook/ 100 Degree Celsius

Malayalam film "100 degree Celsius" starring Shwetha Menon, Bhama, Meghana Raj, Ananya and Haritha Parokod is all set for release. The film directed by Rakesh Gopan will hit theatres on 10 October and is touted as a women-centric thriller.

"100 Degree Celsius" was earlier titled as "Mirror" and the film will now be released in two different parts.

"We had initially agreed on an idea but after months of scripting, we found it was longer for a single movie," director Gopan told The Times of India. "So we decided to split it into two parts because the story is engaging in both halves. We have now titled the films '100 Degrees Celsius: Part 1and Part 2'. The first part will be complete in itself with a proper climax and can be viewed as a standalone feature. However, the story of the film carries over to the second part and you have to watch the first part to make the connection."

The title, "100 Degree Celsius", apparently refers to the mood of the film, which is set with lot of suspense. The story of the film is reportedly inspired by a real life incident. It revolves around five women - Nila as a techie (Shwetha Menon), Nancy as a bank employee (Bhama), Revathy as a news channel reporter (Meghana Raj), Ganga as a student (Ananya) and home-maker Lovely (Haritha).

They live together in an apartment and each character has their own personal emotional baggage and issues. Their life takes a turn unexpectedly when they get involved in an incident which happens in their apartment. Though they try to cover up the incident, things get out of their hand and this turns their life upside down. The film will also deal with various problems faced by modern day women.

The cinematography of the film is done by Sathyanarayanan Suriyan and the music is composed by Gopi Sundar.

"100 Degree Celsius" is produced by Royson Vellara under the banner of RR Entertainments.