100 degree Celsius
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The Malayalam film "100 Degree Celsius", written and directed by Rakesh has opened in theatres to positive responses.

The thriller film starring Shwetha Menon, Bhama, Meghana Raj, Ananya and Haritha Parokod has managed to capture the interest of the audience. However, the film has evoked mixed reviews from critics.

The story of the film is reportedly inspired by a real life incident. It revolves around five women - Nila as a techie (Shwetha Menon), Nancy as a bank employee (Bhama), Revathy as a news channel reporter (Meghana Raj), Ganga as a student (Ananya) and homemaker Lovely (Haritha) who live together in an apartment.

Their life takes a turn upside down when a death happens in their apartment. What follows are the mysteries surrounding the death and the consequences of this ill fated day in their life.

The cinematography of the film is done by Sathyanarayanan Suriyan and the music is composed by Gopi Sundar. The film is produced by Royson Vellara under the banner of RR Entertainments.

Here are the reviews of "100 Degree Celsius" by various critics:

The Times of India

"If what you want is to sit back and relax with a packet of popcorn, 100 Degree Celsius is not the film for you, as you would mostly be on your seat's edge, scene after scene. Rakesh Gopan joins the pack the debutant directors in Malayalam, who tell unprecedented stories in our tinsel town. His effort is laudable, and besides a handful of glitches in execution that sets occasional boredom, the film is involving enough to keep one interested till the end.

All the lead actresses bring alive the pain and vexation of people trapped in conflicting priorities and the first half is hair-raising and nerve-racking enough for a thriller. There is no moment of laughter or fun, but your eyes will stay glued to the screen to see what's next. Though the sudden and unexplainable death of a character stumps you and the reason stays unrevealed throughout the film, the average audience wouldn't mind blinking it away."


"With an absurd script, this film struggles to keep you engaged right from the start. The story just goes here and there without any logic. All you are surprised about is the serious way all those inane scenes have been presented here.Talk about the performances and there is a competition happening among all the actors to come up with the worst performance. The four women, who play the lead, look totally disinterested. Haritha and Sethu, of 'Mynaa' and 'Thank You' fame, flounders big time."

Metro Matinee

"Rakesh Gopan has managed to create a thriller which has its moments. The movie is said to be based on some real life incident and the film adheres to a rather believable narrative for most parts. Though there are some loose ends here and there, largely it is held together by a compact script. The relationship between the lead ladies is not fairly well etched out and the real intentions of the antagonist are rather obscure. And the ending which opens the door to a second part may not be convincing to every viewer."

"The actors have done a creditable job, especially Ananya and Meghna who are the pivots. Shwetha Menon and Bhama are rather subdued while Haritha does look sensuous. The male actors including Ganesh Kumar as a Police Officer, Sreejith Ravi as a goon, Anil Murali, Mithun Ramesh, Sivaji Guruvayoor etc. are decent. Sethu as the antagonist oozes villainy in his eyes and gestures. Sathyanarayana has added value to the film with his slick frames while Gopi Sundar's BGM, though a bit loud at times, does provide the gripping edge to movie."