Nothing can better signify the polarised sentiments that Prime Minister Narendra Modi evokes among citizens than the top trending topics on Twitter on Tuesday, which marks the 100th day of the Modi government that was sworn in on 26 May.

The two hashtags #100AccheDin and #100DaysIndiaPays represent the bouquets and brickbats respectively that have come the government's way after the Modi-led Bharatiya Janata Party was brought to power with a historic mandate.

Economic growth:

Modi's 100 days in office came on a high note, with the GDP seeing the fastest growth in two years, and the Sensex and Nifty reaching an unprecedented high. In the first quarter of this financial year, GDP grew at 5.7%, the highest in nine quarters. 

This did score with citizens, as is evident by some tweets - J ‏@Avalanche_Zener : "GDP 5.7% Sensex 27000+ Petrol prices down by ₹5.23 #100acchedin"

shahnawaz ‏@shahnawazdurg: "GDP is getting back on track , and the attracted investment by giving FDI nod in various sectors r achievements #100AccheDin"

However, the government is still faced with stiff challenges of inflation driven by the weak monsoon and global economic conditions. 

The Opposition leaders have been swift in attacking the government on its inability to control prices, and the issue has been raised on Twitter, too. 

Abdulla Jasim ‏@jazzakd : " No one talks about black money or price increase. We just did a mistake. Now we have to pay 4 years for that #100DaysIndiaPays"

Efficiency in government:

Modi's overt leadership has ensured that the government becomes more efficient. The PM himself has taken active interest in seeing that his ministers are punctual, prepare their agenda for 100 days and achieve set targets.

This trend has been aptly described by this tweet – "No more "Babugiri" in Govt.Offices..."Do work or quit job" motto of NamoNamo.. #100Acchedin".  Renu saraf ‏@renu_18

Chandrabhushan Joshi ‏@MatruBhakt : "Ministers asked to adopt austerity measures, Ministers were also asked to get approval from PMO for expenditure above Rs.1 lakh. #100AccheDin"

However, Modi's control over the government has also invited criticism and raised suspicion of him being an autocratic leader, especially after rumours over Modi's rebuke of Rajnath Singh's son spread.

"The Prime Minister is the only one that matters, Ministers are at best spokespersons for their departments #100DaysIndiaPays" Rahul Pandey ‏@Rahul_Pandey tweeted.

Foreign policy:

Modi's foreign policy has been hailed not just by insiders but by other nations and political experts. His decision to invite SAARC nations for his swearing-in, including Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, was termed a 'masterstroke' and was even appreciated by the United States. His most recent success at foreign relations is seen in his current trip to Japan, wherein he managed to secure investments worth $33 billion for infrastructure and development in India.

A positive tweet about Modi's 100 days read – 'Another example of #100AccheDin. Now Chinese folks competing with Japan to do business with India. End of Monopoly! Rohit KV ‏@RohitBJP'


The constant cross-border violations by Pakistan, with numerous reported since Modi came to power, has been a blot on the government's report card. While the Modi government did take a tough stand by cancelling secretary-level talks with Pakistan for its indulgence with Kashmiri separatists, it had to face the heat when two civilians were killed in cross-border firing last week.

"The one who promised the country - "Main desh nahi jhukne dunga" is silent on the 'everyday' ceasefire violations. #100DaysIndiaPays" Simranjeet ‏@i_simranjeet


Increasing communalism in the country has remained a bane for the new government, with Congress chief Sonia Gandhi attacking the government on Tuesday for failing to curb inflation and communal violence.

Here's a tweet that expresses concern over communalism under the BJP government.

The price India will pay for the communal divide by the BJP will be heavy and India will never recover #100daysindiapays

Crime against women:

As crimes against women continue unabated, the Modi government has also evoked criticism for not doing enough to address the issue, especially with defence minister Arun jaitley facing the flak for his 'a small rape" comment in reference to the Delhi gangrape.

The twitterati have been unforgiving on this front -

Aakash Chandran ‏@ChandranAakash : "No steps to curb the increasing violence against women and in fact Rape is just yet another small incident. #100DaysIndiaPays 

Manish Sirsiwal ‏@msirsiwal : #100DaysIndiaPaysWomen being raped, common ppl killed in riots and riot accused gets Z+

However, the government did direct funds in the Union Budget towards women's safety, and during the Independence Day speech, Modi called for a change of social mindsets when he asked parents to ensure that they bring up their sons responsibly.

Here's a report card of what Indians 'Liked' and 'Disliked' about Modi's 100 days in Office –



Foreign policy: Modi's skills at boosting foreign relations seem to have impressed all, especially when it comes to SAARC, BRICS, and now, Japan.
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Happy with all SAARC leaders attending Oath Ceremony,Happy Planning commission scrapped,Happy with Japan investing 2 lac cr #100AccheDin

Pakistan: While Modi did make a positive start to his relations with Pakistan, the separatists' issue and cross-border violations have brought Indo-Pak relations to a new low
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Suryanarayan Ganesh ‏@gsurya: More of our jawans killed on Bharat borders since @narendramodi than entire last year of MMS. #100DaysIndiaPays
Manish Sirsiwal ‏@msirsiwal : Pakistan and China dares India at border and Modi sarkar could not find a full time defense minister. #100DaysIndiaPays

Economic Growth: Riding the Modi wave, India's economy grew at its fastest in two years with the GDP growing at 5.7 percent in quarter 1 of this financial year.
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Comments :
J ‏@Avalanche_Zener : GDP 5.7% Sensex 27000+ Petrol prices down by ₹5.23 #100acchedin

Inflation: Rising prices of essentials, especially fruits and vegetables, have troubled citizens and the Modi government's decision to hike rail fares and increasing sugar prices have evoked wide criticism.
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Prashant sharma ‏@prashant1288 : And now u.know why Sugar prices r rising... Demand supply... #100DaysIndiaPays more even for Sugar.

Schemes for Poor:
The Modi government stuck to Modi's ideals of inclusive growth and announced several schemes for the poor, especially the Jan Dhan Yojana to integrate the poor into the banking system, garnering positive responses. 
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Rahul Chandra ‏@caprahulchandra #JanDhanYojna is the fastest ever scheme implemented Since independence @narendramodi#100AccheDin

Women's Safety: As rapes and crimes against women continue, the government has been severely criticized for not doing enough. 
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Manish Sirsiwal ‏@msirsiwal#100DaysIndiaPays Women being raped, common ppl killed in riots and riot accused gets Z+

NaveeN KumaR ‏@Naveennsui:  Arun Jaitley believes tht Nirbhaya tragedy is "just one smll rape" & laments tht it affected India's tourism revenues. #100DaysIndiaPays