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IBTimes, India Rating3.5

The first thing that strikes you after watching "100 Days of Love" is that here is one of the cutest romantic comedy flick ever made in Malayalam. This romantic flick might not have anything new in terms of its basic story. But one thing that must be appreciated about director Jenuse Mohamed is his integrity towards the script.

'OK Kanmani', '100 Days of Love': On-screen Chemistry of Dulquer Salmaan and Nithya Menen


The story of the "100 Days of Love" is a light hearted one and revolves around the character played by Dulquer. He is feature writer who aspires to be a cartoonist. He meets the character played by Nithya by chance on a rainy night. She is someone who chooses to be practical when it comes to her relationship and someone who never felt the need to fall in love.

Meanwhile for Dulquer's character, though he meets her by chance, it ends up as a life-changing moment for him. To make things easy and equally difficult, he seeks the help of his close friend Ummer, played by Shekhar Menon. The rest of the movie talks about how Dulquer and Shekhar try to trace Nithya, which will change their life forever.

Direction and Script

The first and foremost thing about the movie is that here is a Malayalam movie which has characters that are human and not over-the-top. These are characters which you meet in your day-to-day life an if you are an urbanite, you would be able connect easily. 

Thankfully, the director is also sensible enough to the lighter side of the young world than the typical depiction of today's youngsters in Malayalam cinema, where they are portrayed as victims of big bad world of city life.

The story of "100 Days of Love" obviously comes from a director who has watched and fallen in love with classic Hollywood romantic flicks. This can be felt in every frame, from the way he has treated his story and characters, to the way he has visualised them. Otherwise, who could have imagined Frank Sinatra's "Strangers in the Night" to be played in the background for a scene in Malayalam cinema.


Special mention has to be given to the dialogue writers of the movie MR Vibin and Suhail Ibrahim for making this movie a lively one. 

Cinematography, Art, Costumes

Another noticeable aspect of "100 Days of Love" is cinematography by Pradeesh Varma. The movie wouldn't have got its desired result if it was not for it. Art Direction by Ajay Mangad sets the tone for the movie and Sameera Saneesh has set the style right for each character.


Coming to performances, Dulquer and Nithya steal the show. Their onscreen chemistry is something worth mentioning; such is the ease with which they play their characters. 

Shekhar Menon carries the movie from the start till the end with his comic timing. Rahul Madhav looks handsome onscreen and the actor probably has got a role that fitted well for him. The characters played by Aju Varghese and Jacob Gregory are a delight to watch. Praveena and Vineeth add to the feel good factor of the movie.


Music by Govind Menon is impressive and has the desired affect.

As a whole, "100 Days of Love" is a movie which will make you feel good and assure that life is not as complicated as it appears to be.