• Candlelight Dinner
    If you think candlelight dinner is outdated, you are wrong. It’s still an experience and can blow off the minds of cupid-stricken people. You can even make it a different experience all together by adding spice to the aura. A well decoration room with candles all around and rose aroma filling the air could make that somebody feel special on Valentine’s Day. Try it, it works!Reuters
  • Flowers
    Flowers as gift must have been practiced since time immemorial but it is still as relevant and special as ever. It can turn the mood on because there is perhaps no one on the face of the earth who hates flowers. A handful of red roses could worth more than a handful of gold for lovers on Valentine’s Day. So, let that special somebody smell the fragrance whole day long.Reuters
  • Love Note
    There are lots of beautiful cards available at gift shops and stationeries but it can never beat personalized handwritten love poems. Putting one’s thoughts into writing is very romantic. So, putting together your feelings for someone special in the form of poem is invaluable. Valentine’s Day is a good occasion to express your feelings.Reuters
  • Hannah Montana The Movie
    Everybody loves to watch films. So, taking that special someone to a good theatre or watching a romantic movie at home is very romantic. A little bit of romance in life is welcome. So, it can be a good idea to watch a good film with someone special on Valentine’s Day.Reuters
  • Teddy Bear
    Men may not love teddy bear but most girls, both young and old alike, are crazy about this lifeless thing. Guys should know that teddy bears are like timeless gift for most girls – they want it more even if they have a good collection at home. All you want is to make your girl happy, so teddy bears are still a good option for Valentine’s Day gift.Reuters
  • Quiet Dinner
    Home cooked food is always great. No doubt about it. But people need change sometime. A quiet dinner at a good hotel with someone special can be a good experience. You can make your date feel special by arranging a quiet dinner away from home.Reuters
  • Gadget
    Most people, both boys and girls, love gadgets whether it is a cell phone or other electronic items. Gifting a high-end mobile phone or other gadgets like iPod can make your loved one happy. If your date loves gadgets, it’s worth gifting one on Valentine’s Day.Reuters
  • Jewellery
    Not all guys may love jewellery but most girls do. Whether it is a necklace or a bracelet or an earring, girls will love it. So, gifting jewellery on Valentine’s Day can make your girl feel special. For man, a good wrist watch can be a good option.Reuters
  • Books
    Ardent readers treasure books. So, if your special someone loves reading, gifting a romantic book on Valentine’s Day can be really romantic. Reading it all alone at the comfort of one’s home can be another nice experience.Reuters
  • Romantic Getaway
    Life has changed. Today, most people spend more time at work place and have little time for near and dear ones. Valentine’s Day can be a good opportunity to leave behind one’s work and spend some quality time with people dear to them. A romantic getaway to an exotic location can be a good experience for people who are deprived of fun.Reuters

'It's the experience and not the gift that makes a person feel special', so argue some psychologists. Ironically, a well-thought gift is nothing but an unforgettable experience for most people. So, many cupid-stricken people must be breaking their heads trying to think of a gift that could move their special somebody and make him or her feel special this Valentine's Day.

Here we give you 10 most romantic gifts that could make your loved ones feel special on Valentine's Day. Check out IBTimes pick!