• Royal Penthouse Suite
    Royal Penthouse SuiteOfficial Site
  • The Presidential Suite
    The Presidential SuiteOfficial Site
  • Ty Warner Penthouse Suite
    Ty Warner Penthouse SuiteOfficial Site
  • Penthouse Suite
    Penthouse SuiteOfficial Site
  • Hugh Hefner Sky Villa Palms Resort
    Hugh Hefner Sky Villa Palms ResortOfficial Site
  • The Royal Villa
    The Royal VillaOfficial Site
  • Presidential Suite
    Presidential SuiteOfficial Site
  • Villa La Cupola Suite
    Villa La Cupola SuiteOfficial Site
  • Ritz-Carlton Suite
    Ritz-Carlton SuiteOfficial Site
  • Royal Towers Bridge Suite
    Royal Towers Bridge SuiteOfficial Site

Human wants are unlimited. People want to have the best, and they are willing to pay for it. Believe it or not, some hotels even have bulletproof doors and windows to attract customers and keep them secure: A night's stay in such a suite costs a whopping $65,000.

Now, we bring you the world's 10 most expensive hotel suites. Check them out!