Many must be breaking their heads thinking about what they should wear for this year's Halloween parties. Some could end up spending a huge amount buying Halloween costumes not knowing that they can be made at home.

Halloween is celebrated every year on 31 October, on the eve of Christian feast of All Hallows or All Saints' Day. People attend parties dressed as monsters, ghosts or witches in the days leading up to the main day.

Some can afford to buy multiple costumes for Halloween parties but not all. Moreover, costumes available in the market are not necessarily the best. You can look spooky with customised outfits and makeup. All you need is rugged clothes and paints.

Here are 10 killer Halloween 2015 costume ideas you can try at home:

1) Skeleton: If you have black dress, white colour paint and a brush, you can make a creepy Halloween costume. Sketch a skeleton on the dress. It may be a commonly used costume yet look scary.

2) See-through: Maybe a see-through look will be scary. Sketches of human organs on a skin-coloured costume will be terrifying.

3) Stitched Face: A stitched-face painting may be an old and tested idea to look scary.

4) The Joker: It's not very difficult to paint The Joker's face from the Batman. We have seen people donning the look but there is no harm repeating it.

5) Zombie: This is one of the most common costumes people use during Halloween parties and will continue to. All you need is rugged clothes with black colour and black soil.

6) Vampire: This is another common Halloween costume you see every year and yet does not go out of fashion. Maybe you can bring some change but prepare it yourself at home instead of buying a ready-made dress from the market.

7) Angry Birds: If you are a mobile game addict, this could be an interesting choice. Identify your favourite computer game, be it Angry Birds or any game and prepare a costume based on the character.

8) Butcher Knife: No, you should not carry a real knife around to parties. However, you can transform your clutch purse into a knife with paints. You have to add a hilt to your purse to make it look like a knife.

9) Iron Man: This is going to be tough but it will be great if one can make a costume worn by Iron Man in The Avengers. Maybe you can make a customised costume out of carton boxes of different sizes.

10) Witch: It's not difficult to make a witch costume. A little bit of paint, a pointed hat and a torn dress will make you look like a witch.