iPhone 7 Release Date: Apple Turns To Samsung For Next iPhone Chip and Displays
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Though iOS is known as a closed operating system, it offers ample flexibility to users for getting more out of the device.

Apart from its intuitive interface, amazing colour palate and decent usability, iPhone devices also feature several secret codes, which can actually open the door to a new world of smartphone computing. 

These codes are usually a sequence of numbers and symbols, and meant to be entered through the usual phone dial pad, which you usually use for inputting numbers before placing a call. If you're unable to get any result after inputting the key sequence, kindly tap on the call button.

Following are the secret codes for you. Please read the subsequent result before trying them out.

IMEI Number

For fetching the International Mobile Equipment Number  (IMEI) of your iPhone, kindly press *#06# on your dial pad. A flashing pop will appear with your phone's IMEI number. Please note that IMEI is a unique number and comes printed on your iPhone box. If your iPhone is lost or stolen, you need this number to lodge a police complaint.

Apart from iPhone devices, this information works with other smartphones and feature phones also.

Call Forwarding

Press *#21# on your iPhone dial pad. You'll see information regarding your call and forwarding. This option comes handy when you want to receive the call from another number.

Call Forwarding Extended

Press *#62# on your iPhone dial pad to retrieve call forwarding information when the iPhone is switched off or out of service area.

Disable Call Forwarding

Press ##002# on your iPhone dial pad for disabling the call forwarding option.

Block Number

If you want to block a particular number, type *#30# on your iPhone dial pad and press the call button.

Hide your Number

Press *#31# on your iPhone dial pad for hiding your phone number.

Call barring

Press *#33# to see the call barring status of your iPhone. The option comes handy if your iPhone can't be able to call or connect to data network. You can turn the call barring option by typing *#33# following the pin number of your phone carrier and type #33* following the pin number to disable the option.

Call Waiting

Type *#43# on your iPhone dial pad to retrieve the status of call waiting, SMS, Data and Sync Data. For enabling the call waiting option, press *43# and press #43# for disabling the option.

Missed Call

To know the missed call status, press *#61# on your iPhone.

Secret Settings

To display the hidden iPhone field test mode, press *3001#12345#* on your iPhone dial pad. The sequence will show you smartphone current signal, SIM info, PDP content info and more.

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