GTA 5 Released Ahead of Official Launch
Grand Theft Auto V has been sent to some Amazon customers up to four days ahead of the official 17 September launch.

One of the most anticipated games of 2013 Grand Theft Auto 5(GTA 5) has now been released and it is now time for the excited players to know the 10 best things in the game, which hasn't been witnessed in any other GTA series.

GTA 5 is considered to be a reminder of why GTA has been the most popular game series of all times, and this version is expected to carry something which the players have never seen before, according to GTA 5 official website.

 There is a list of 10 crazy things that have been included in the upcoming game, to make the game more fun with additional elements that cause destruction and rage war on the opponents. Here is the list:

- Rockstar Games has brought back the stealing of an airplane in the game with some added details. There is a part in the game which will give an opportunity to the player to steal a plane and fly it in a fleet, with the other players. The next step would be to land the plane safely and rewards will be given depending on how well the player will fly, control and land the plane.

- In the new GTA 5, the players will be able to visit a strip club during the game, along with the other players. The game will keep going on and players will gain points if they behave properly when the security of the strip club will be watching.

- In this edition of the game, there is an inclusion of multiplayer options and players can play sports such as golf and tennis against other players.

- The players will also have a real time experience of visiting a movie theatre, after visiting a strip club. Adding this element to the game shows how the developers have tried to make it more real.

- Racing other players will also be another feature added to game. But, it is not going to be easy as the GTA 5 will be running at the same time and there will be other elements chasing the player, like police officers and other enemies.

- GTA 5 has now added the feature in which the player can rob any store with other online players and run away with the loot.

- Rockstar Games has now added the element of marijuana in the series. In the series the players can own medicinal marijuana clinics and even smoke some on their own. After smoking up, the screen will become a little disoriented to let the player experience the high feeling.

- There is an inclusion of ATMs in the game.

- The missions in GTA 5 will keep changing continuously to keep the interest of the players and the players can always implement new missions throughout.

- The players will also be allowed to create new missions as per their delight.

Grand Theft Auto 5’s trailer was recently released by Rockstar Games, to bring back the excitement after the controversial leaks of audio tracks. The game can now be ordered online.