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"War Chhod Na Yaar", touted as Bollywood's first war comedy, has received mixed reviews from critics. The film helmed by debutant director Faraz Haider is a satirical take on war, particularly along the India-Pakistan border .

The film features Sharman Joshi, Sanjay Mishra, Javed Jaffrey, Mukul Dev, Dalip Tahil and Soha Ali Khan in important roles.

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 Taran Adarsh of Bollywood Hungama said: "WAR CHHOD NA YAAR has a unique concept. It not only projects the thorny issue in light vein, but also makes a comical comment on the politicians of both sides as well as the Chinese and American interference. There's a lot of tongue in cheek humor and over the top amusement to drive home a message. Clearly, the director intends to say a big 'No' to warfare or hostility, but while the intentions are right and most honorable, what comes across on screen looks like a half-hearted, amateurish attempt. 

"The film highlights the relationship between Indian and Pakistani soldiers. The story takes a turn when war breaks out. So what do the soldiers on both the sides do? Can they stop the war? Or do they indulge in warfare?   

"Sharman Joshi and Jaaved Jaaferi are a delight to watch on screen. Soha Ali Khan enacts the part of a journo for the second time [after MUMBAI MERI JAAN], portraying her part credibly. Dalip Tahil gets to portray multiple roles and does an impressive job. Sanjay Mishra is funny at times. Mukul Dev is wasted. Manoj Pahwa is entertaining.

"On the whole, WAR CHHOD NA YAAR is an interesting idea, coupled with noble intentions, but is treated amateurishly."

Mohar Basu of Koimoi.com said: "Faraz Haider's War Chhod Na Yaar is a welcome and refreshing satire on wars. The Indo-Pak border counts as one of the world's most hostile regions but Haider's tender story dishes out a wickedly told film filled with engaging humor that will have you in splits. The commendable effort and the clever take on the theme of war puts across a more poignant message of futility of wars without trivializing the intention of it!

"The film's script and execution is both so interestingly done that watching it will be amply satiating. Luckily it is a simply told story that focuses on making you laugh and yet drives home the reason why the camaraderie works! A humorously weaved satire on how the mechanics of war works, we are presented with a story where soldiers from either end of the border discuss what's for lunch. They sit across the line of control and play cards.

"Director Faraz Haider has carried out his job quite well and you know that for sure when at the end of the film audiences burst into a loud applause. 

"Faraz Haider's War Chhod Na Yaar is a treat of film that manages to evoke moments of ecstatic delight with its simplistic take on the horrific brutality of war which pointlessly creates havoc in the lives of people. The film could have gone massively wrong but the good part about this flick is, it convinces you about its premise entertainingly."

Shubhra Gupta of Indian Express said: "India's "first war comedy" starts off with spark. Two of Bollywood's better actors, Sharman Joshi and Jaaved Jaffrey, face off across a long stretch of barbed wire. Night has fallen upon the border between India and Pakistan, and there are war clouds in the air. Who will fire first?

"War films in Bollywood have meant deadly serious tales with soldiers dying and tanks firing, and mothers and wives crying. The macabre humour that such situations evoke has been the focus of several Hollywood films.

"Up until this point, where China and the US are also brought in as complicit partners in potential war games, War Chhod Na Yaar is fun. Mukul Dev plays an Afghan ghuspethia, and is quite a hoot to begin with. We also get the joke about the poor Pakistani soldiers not getting enough gosht in their dal. But soon the whole thing loses steam. Dalip Tahil is given a four-hander, playing an Indian, Pakistani, Chinese and American, and Soha Ali Khan is the only girl in the midst of all the men, playing a TV reporter. Of course she is called Rut Datta, and of course she is made to scurry around with a camera and make eyes at Captain Raj. And Sanjay Mishra's underfed Pak officer is a drag."

Rohit Vats of IBNLive said: "WarChhodNaYaar opens at a funny note. Faraz Haider needs to prove his choice of genre right. The basic premise is interesting. Mukul Dev's accent is hilarious. #WarChhodNaYaar

"The director has given Dalip Tahil a fantastic role rather roles. #WarChhodNaYaar presents Sharman Joshi in a new avatar. The director has given Dalip Tahil a fantastic role rather roles. #WarChhodNaYaar presents Sharman Joshi in a new avatar. Too much melodrama. They could have done with a little less drama. #WarChhodNaYaar

"#WarChhodNaYaar ends at a predictable point. It gets a bit confused towards the end. #WarChhodNaYaar moves at a good pace and the first half is really enjoyable. The second half also has its moments but politics of the film seems based on a populist approach." 

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