Even as Kamal Haasan's fans are reeling from the success of "Vishwaroopam", the universal star (Ulaganayagan) has already shifted his focus to his next project - "Vishwaroopam 2."

Latest reports suggest that the second part of the espionage thriller is nearing completion, as Kamal has already shot some portions of the movie including the war scenes.

Thanks to the great success of "Vishwaroopam" and a small teaser that was added to the end of the first part, the actor's fans are waiting in earnest to watch the sequel which will be set in India.

Recently in an interview, the actor shared an interesting tidbit about his film. He said that the sequel to "Vishwaroopam" will have a higher emotional quotient with the inclusion of a mother-son angle.

"This time the emotional quotient would be a lot higher than in the first film. In 'Vishwaroop' we had the ladies in the first half-hour. And then we lost them. It became too much a bang-bang boys' thing... So yes, there will be a mother-son angle to the story," Kamal said in the interview, according to behindwoods.com.

He also said that the making of "Vishwaroopam" would be easier as the script is ready and rhythm of narration has already been established.

The film's original cast including Kamal, Pooja Kumar, Andrea and Rahul Bose will appear in the sequel. It is not known whether any new characters are being introduced in the second part.

"Vishwaroopam 2" is expected to get released this year. Speaking to a section of reporters last month, Kamal informed that he would ensure that there would not be any delay to the sequel and the film would be released this year.

The first part was mixed up in a controversy which delayed the release of the film by two weeks. The film has reportedly grossed more than ₹100 crores at the box office and is doing good business both in India and overseas.