Ajith in "Veeram" (Facebook)
Ajith in "Veeram" (Facebook)Facebook

Ajith's new film "Veeram" has received positive reviews from critics, who have termed it as a complete masala entertainer.

"Veeram" revolves around Vinayagam (Ajith) and his four brothers played by Vidarth, Bala, Munish and Suhail. Vinayagam is a vegetable wholesale dealer in a village and a ruffian, who deals violence with violence. He is a bachelor, who is fond of his brothers and detests marriage.

His brothers want him to get married so that they can get hitched with their love interests. They devise a plan along with Santhanam, their lawyer and friend, to make Vinayagam fall in love with Kopperundevi (Tamannaah), an architecture student who works with a group that restores old statues in temples.

Vinayagam slowly gets attracted to Kopperundevi and falls in love with her. Kopperundevi also reciprocates his love, but when she comes to know about his violent acts she distances herself from him. Vinayagam decides to mend his ways for the sake of his love, but when he comes to know that a convict (Atul Kulkarni) is planning to seek revenge and destroy Kopperundevi's family, he decides to stop him and protect his lover's family at all cost.

"Veeram" is a masala entertainer with all the commercial elements - action, comedy, romance and punch dialogues. Critics have appreciated Ajith's performance and director "Siruthai" Siva's script. Although the film is a regular commercial potboiler, the director has presented it in an entertaining manner, say the critics. According to them, the film's first half is fantastic with Santhanam's comedy, action sequences and romance.

Santhanam rocks with his one-liners that evoke laughter at all times. The other actors including Nassar (Tamannaah's father in the film), Thambi Ramaiah, Appukutty and Pradeep Rawat have done their parts well. On the down side, "Veeram" slacks in the second half and the climax seems to drag, according to critics.

On the whole, the Ajith starrer is a complete entertainer to watch during the Pongal holidays. 

The film is likely to have taken a good opening on the first day of its release. Details about the first day collections are yet to be made available. As the film is receiving positive feedback, it is expected to have good theatre occupancy and rake in good collections in its opening weekend at the box office.

Here is the review roundup of "Veeram"

M Suganth of the Times of India says, "The very purpose of 'Veeram' is to be a showcase for its star, Ajith, and that it does quite well. Right from the hero introduction scene, Siva creates moments specifically designed for his hero to shine - you see him being praised by those around him, mouthing punch dialogues, being nice to kids and elders, fighting on a running train, and in the climax, coming back from the dead to destroy the villain and his men."

According to Sify, "The film works mainly due to Ajith's charisma and Siva's script. It is a formula film where essential masala has been correctly mixed in the right proposition. First half is hilarious as Santhanam takes over along with Appukutty. The budding romance between Ajith and Tamannaah is subtly portrayed and in the second half more characters and emotional angle are brought in. The villains look deadly."

"The film loses some of its pace in the second half and the climax is a long drawn out affair."

According to Behindwoods Review Board, "Siva and his team have delivered a tried and tested commercial entertainer which banks on Ajith's screen presence, charisma and entertains for the most part."

According to Indiaglitz, "Ajith has demystified the fact that mass does not relate to entire movie presence, but the times you appear should make you stand up and clap! His body language is adorable and the salt n pepper looks makes him look even charmer! After him, Santhanam is the key, with his one liners making you double with laughter and sticks well to the story as well. Nassar, Viddharth, the brothers do their role well enough, with Pradeep menacing as a villain should be."

"On the whole a complete family entertainer, finish your Pongal rituals and rush to Veeram! You ain't gonna regret it!"

According to S Saraswathi of rediff, "Though there is no denying that the super cool, ultra stylish Ajith can carry off any movie on his broad and powerful shoulders, there is nothing remarkable about Siva's 'Veeram'."

"With an ordinary story line, an average screenplay and characters that are all overshadowed by one man, the film seems like an ode to Ajith and should be dedicated to all his fans."

Verdict: Complete Masala Entertainer for Ajith Fans