Bhadram received positive reviews
Bhadram received positive reviewsFacebook

Ashok Selvan-Janani Iyer starrer "Thegidi" has received positive reviews from critics.

Directed by debutant P Ramesh, "Thegidi" is a suspense thriller with enough twists and turns. Vetri (Ashok Selvan), after completing his criminology course, comes to Chennai and becomes a detective. He efficiently handles various subjects and impresses his employers.

After handling four successful assignments, he is asked to handle the case of Madhu Shree (Janani Iyer), whom he meets and takes a liking to. They both fall in love with each other but soon Vetri realises that some of his previous subjects die in unusual accidents. What happens next? Who is behind the deaths of Vetri's subjects? What's happens to Vetri and Madhu's love? The answers to these questions form the crux of the story.

Besides, Ashok Selvan and Janani Iyer, "Thegidi" has Jayakumar, Jayaprakash, Kaali, Kamalakannan, Madhavan, Pradeep Nair, Govardhan and Chakrapani in pivotal roles.

Here is the review roundup of "Thegidi".

According to behindwoods Review Board, "Running over just 2 hours Thegidi doesn't exactly race along, but from the pre-interval scenes Ramesh piles up the suspense well enough to have you glued to your seats and keep you guessing the 'whos' and 'whys' of the case, which turn out to be driven by an interesting new motive."

According to Indiaglitz, "Ashok's subtle performance of a rookie detective is commendable and he makes a fair job out of it. The film rides high on his shoulders, the actor is sure to receive a lot of offers post this movie but only if he improvises on his acting. His looks remain neutral even through high intense scenes and could have been etched with a sense of urgency. Janani Iyer is sweet and plays her part perfectly as Madhu the innocent gal. The film does have its bits of fun from Kaali who plays Ashok's friend and there is Jayaprakash yet again in a familiar character role."

According to Sify, "The film keeps you riveted in the first half and builds up to a dramatic twist at the end, one that, like the traditional rabbit in the hat, you weren't expecting. But by then, it's a bit too late as you have already predicted it."

"As suspense thriller, Thegidi is a well-researched, purposefully executed film that works perfectly well. This is a film good enough to merit a trip to the multiplex."

Rajasekar S of Cinemalead says, "Technically the film is sound, be it the title card edit, cinematography and the music everything is well gelled with the film. Newbie Nivas Prasanna is a welcome addition to the promising list of  music directors in Tamil cinema, interestingly his BGM works are also quite laudable."

"Overall, Thegidi is a fair mind game which is sure to have to your attention."

Verdict: Gripping Suspense Thriller with Enough Twists and Turns