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The two-day grand finale of "The Voice" season 5 is set to kick off on Monday with the three remaining finalists performing live one last time for America's votes.

There won't be any eliminations on Monday but the results will be declared on the next day, based on the votes they get from the viewers.

The three contestants - Tessanne Chin and Will Champlin from Team Adam, and Jacquie Lee from Team Christina - were voted in to the finals earlier this week, after their performances in the semi-finals, while James Wolpert from Team Adam and Cole Vosbury from Team Blake were sent home.

What to Expect from the Finalists!

Monday is going to be crucial for all the top three contestants, as this performance determines the winner.

Tessanne impressed everyone with her powerful and emotional rendition of "Bridge Over Troubled Water" by Simon and Garfunkel earlier this week, ensuring a spot in the finale.

"I don't even know what to say. Regardless of popular opinion I think that was probably the most flawless and graceful performance I have ever heard on the show," said her coach Adam Levine. Coach Blake Shelton also thought "it was beautiful" and told Tessanne "I'm such a big fan of yours."

The powerhouse from Jamaica will be under pressure to put up a good show on Monday, after raising the bar in the semi-finals. But she seems confident and strong, and is expected to rock the stage to woo America.

Jacquie Lee is another strong contender to win the competition. The 16-year-old belted out "Angel" by Sarah McLachlan in the semi-finals, making her coach Christina Aguilera say, "Wow you blew me away". CeeLo Green also praised the teenager's talent.

She did hit the high notes perfectly in the last performance but one thing that lacked was emotion. She would be expected to add emotional elements to her singing in the finals and win hearts.

Will Champlin's rendition of "Carry On" by Fun was powerful. "I'm just happy because I don't think I've ever seen this happen with you before," said Levine after his performance in the semi-finals. Green said "It is really cool to see you feeling all swaggy up there."

Champlin's progress as a singer has been visible in the last few weeks and that has kept him going. His performance earlier this week would have been better if not for a not-so-impressive song choice. He will be expected to select a song that suits him in the finals.

Going by the performances in the last weeks, especially the semi-finals and the feedback from the judges, Tessanne seems to have an edge over the other two finalists though they are immensely talented. Her rendition of "Bridge Over Troubled Water" topped the iTunes music chart earlier this week.

However, the results of the competition are entirely in the hands of the Americans and have nothing to do with the judges. Jacquie and Will seem to have good fanbase, which has taken them this far.

The winner of "The Voice" season 5 can be anybody, though Tessanne is the favourite on papers.