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Naga Chaitanya's latest movie, "Tadakha" has received moderate response from film critics, who have termed it as a decent action-packed mass entertainer.

"Tadakha", a remake of superhit Tamil film "Vettai", is about the bonding between two brothers - the elder one (Sunil) being a coward and sensitive to violence while the younger one (Naga Chaitanaya) is a jobless rogue.

After the death of their father (Naga Babu), Sivarama Krishna (Sunil) is employed a police officer. He takes up the job on request from his younger brother. Sivarama gets posted in a city ruled by a notorious criminal - Baaga (Ashutosh Rana). Karthik helps Sivarama, a timid guy, who has to deal with the dreaded Baaga. While Karthik masquerades his elder brother and takes on the goons, Sivarama gets all the laurels.

When Baaga discovers the truth about the brothers, he plots his revenge. The rest of the story is about how the younger brother turns the coward cop (Sivarama) into a brave person and how they take on the baddies.

Both Naga Chaitanya and Sunil's performances have won accolades from film critics. Actresses Andrea Jeremiah and Tamannaah play the female leads. While the big brother gets married to Nandu (Andrea), Karthik falls for Pallavi (Tamannaah) who is Nandu's younger sister. The rest of the star cast includes Brahmanandam, Vennela Kishore, Raghu Babu, Rama Prabha and Jayaprakash Reddy.

"Tadakha" is directed by Kishore Kumar Pardasani. Bellamkonda Ganesh Babu has produced the film and Thaman composed the music.

Here is what the critics have to say

Karthik Pasupulate of the Times of India said, "It's a straight forward commercial entertainer that's as cliched as they get."

"There's action, comedy, song and dance, cheesy punch dialogues, in short all the commercial elements woven into the narrative. The filmmakers sure didn't hold back anything and went the full throttle. However, the elements don't add to make for a wholesome two and a half hour entertainment," he said.

According to Shekhar of OneIndia, "The director has balanced the roles of Sunil and Chaitanya very well. Sunil is a big asset for the film. He runs the show in the first half with his comedy. As a timid police officer, he has also equally done well. He steals the show towards the end. But there is absolutely no chemistry between him and Andrea Jeremiah, which the director should have taken care of."

Mentioning about the lead stars' performances, JP of Telugucinema.com said, "Naga Chaitanya looks fresh in the movie. His makeover of looks is stylish. Even performance wise, he has done neat job. He shares great chemistry with Tamannah, which is quite visible in the film since they paired together in 100 % Love. Tamannah has upped her glam quotient in this film. Her role is limited to that only."

"After a long time, Sunil looks better in this film. He perfectly fits the role of a timid cop. He has Andrea Jeremiah as partner but she does not have anything to do in this film."

According to Indiaglitz.com, "The film is peppered with a few very modestly funny scenes and it must be said that not many may be enthused by the chemistry between Chai and Sunil.  One wonders why Sunil is not allowing himself (may be the blame lies with his directors) to be fleshed out ; his diction and body language are easily forgettable."

"The story almost stands still till the time when Sunil is hospitalised, it is a story without enough number of events. The bondage was not intelligently crafted."

Heaping praises on Ashutosh Rana, Indiaglitz reported, "Ashutosh Rana looks menacing enough and his villainy, juxtaposed with Chai's heroism, works just fine."

"Technically, Thadakha passes muster.  Thaman (music director), of late, has been falling short of expectations in giving hummable tunes. The choreography and other aspects like art and editing are of good quality."