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Debutant director Subu's "Sutta Kadhai" has opened to mixed reviews from critics.

"Sutta Kadhai", a dark comedy entertainer, is about two constables who investigate the murder of the tribal chief in a village.

Actors Balaji and Venkatesh appear as the two new constables - Ramki and Sangili. While Ramki is a kleptomaniac, Sangili is hearing impaired. Both are great fans of "Sambasivam Crime Comics" and set out to solve the murder mystery.

Apart from Balaji and Venkatesh, "Sutta Kadhai" has Nassar, M. S. Bhaskar, Lakshmi Priyaa, Harigopal, Jayaprakash and Lakshmi Ramakrishnan in supporting roles.

Here is the review roundup of "Sutta Kadhai"

According to Behindwoods, "Though director Subu's intelligence and wit can't be questioned, this murder mystery never takes itself seriously and resolves too conveniently in the end. The twists straighten themselves out, all too easily. If the movie had offered more laugh-worthy moments, particularly in the second half, the end product could have been memorable."

According to Indiaglitz, "Sutta Kadhai' is a bright idea, which could have followed a more gripping screenplay to keep the audience involved, than just complete the procedure of getting the film done. The minor details to keep this movie stand out, have been taken utmost care to be accomplished with. Each frame is new, but not exactly impressive. The story in itself is a new concept, but could have been told better."

According to Moviebuzz, "Balaji and Venkatesh as the two bumbling cops are delight to watch, while Nasser as usual is good as a laidback inspector who is always snoozing. Some scenes in the film like a pot-bellied man asking his little daughter to check whether he has put his belt properly are hilarious."

"On the whole director Subbu has made a brave attempt to try out something new, but in the process has totally lost the plot."

Mohan K of Galatta says, "Despite being in the now famous 'Dark Comedy' genre, being a comedy thriller with continuous twists and turns and it's unique presentation sets Sutta Kadhai apart. A must watch movie for fans of cinema who like innovation and experimentation!"

Verdict: A good attempt by debut director Subu