"Sons of Anarchy" Season 7 will be the last leg in the much popular biker drama of FX.  The last season will show Jax (Charlie Hunnam) going to any limits to avenge the death of his wife Tara. Show's creator Kurt Sutter in his WTF video blogexplained that when the first episode of Season 7 reached the network, it was decided that  a disclaimer needed to be given.

The disclaimer was in regards to the tone of the series. The team of "Sons of Anarchy" is putting its best foot forward to make Season 7 one of the most memorable ones.

Season 6 showed how Jax's mother kills his wife and in Season 7 Gemma will be facing the ire of her son.

Sutter further suggested that he is also planning to bring some characters, who made brief appearance in season 6. Real life biker Robert Patrick may have an individual plot dedicated to him in season 7. Moreover, Sutter even said that he and the team has turned in episode 2 in the network but episode 3 is still in draft stage.

Sutter further confessed that it is not easy to wrap up the show's finale and threw some light on his upcoming show " The Bastard Executioner". 

"I thought that that would be fun for people to watch," he added. 

"Drugs and alcohol and substances are no longer an option, I punched that ticket 20 years ago, you know it's all the other stuff, and I realize that as Sons comes to a close, as I have to face that reality and that sadness and that endgame, I'm pretending that's not happening by going 'oh, I have to do this over here after Sons,' so I'm already jumping out of the feeling of the show ending to the next thing."