"Scandal" episode 13 turned out to be a shocking bloody one with Jake (Scott Foley) on a shooting spree, shooting two women point blank and pulling the trigger as he turned towards James (Dan Bucatinsky) and David (Joshua Malina).

The untoward incident unfolded even as everyone was attempting to cover Sally Langston's (Kate Burton) murderous secret. The Vice President had earlier killed her husband.

As the first debate of the presidential campaign was round the corner, David (Joshua Malina) told Olivia (Kerry Washington) that Sally and Cyrus (Jeff Perry) were working together, which she didn't believe.

Olivia went to Jake (Scott Foley) for a safe night and to get away from all the chaos in Washington, but they ended up getting intimate. They kissed and they got even closer.

Now, Sally told Leo (Paul Adelstein) that she had confessed about the murder to the Reverend and would declare to the world about it, prompting him to tell Cyrus to call off the planned debate, as it could land him in jail.

Cyrus asked Jake to kill Sally, but that didn't work after the latter replied that he had to protect the republic. He then approached Olivia to cancel the debate but in vain. Now, Olivia told Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) about the murder and the role of Cyrus and Mellie (Bellamy Young).

On the other side, Jake told Quinn (Katie Lowes), who works for a cover company, to get details on Daniel Douglas murder from Olivia's office. He then assigned Tom (Brian Letscher) to shoot Sally, if she attempted to confess during the debate.

Olivia tried to cancel the debate but in vain. The debate between Sally and Fitz did take place. Sally couldn't confess about the murder, but had a good debate.

James met David when he was with two women in connection with his case. He was there only to call off his partnership with the latter, but things took a shocking turn after Jake shot the two women point blank. He then turned to James and David and pulled the trigger.

Who was shot - James or David? Is the victim killed? Next week's episode will answer all these queries!