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Aamir KhanVarinder Chawla

Aamir Khan has highlighted the nation's most burning issue - women's safety - in the opening episode of "Satayamev Jayate 2".

Aamir's role as the social crusader came to fore, as he introduced the episode on the background of the infamous Delhi gang rape of 2012, and followed it up with other prominent cases of atrocities against women in West Bengal, Punjab and other states.

Dividing the first episode into mainly four segments, the actor delved into what a rape victim goes through after being subjected to the heinous crime.

The first focus with respect to rape cases is the inaction of the police. The insensitive approach of the policemen, refusal to file FIR of the cases, physical and mental torture of victims and family members were some of the matters surfaced from various accounts. To discuss the gravity of the issue, Aamir invited parents of a victim, who was gang raped on two consecutive occasions and finally burnt to death by the accused, mainly because of the lack of adequate police initiative.

The second part involved the medical procedure and the harassment the rape victims undergo when approaching a doctor for the evidence collection process. Negligence, carelessness, intimidation and reluctance on the part of examining doctors were revealed in most cases. Mainly the doctors handling the rape cases were found inept, and also the procedure to determine rape was largely found illegal and against Supreme Court guidelines.

Aamir at this point, in talking to some eminent persons, was suggested that a uniform procedure to handle and examine rape cases is the need of the hour.

Aamir then moved to the most debated topic in such cases - the justice system the country. Mostly blamed for the long and complicated procedure, the judicial system has led to the denial of justice in almost all incidents. A shocking case of a woman fighting for justice for the last 21 years was presented. The helpless position the victim faces against the accused, as per the Indian judicial system, proved shocking to many.

A social worker stressed that the court adjournments proved to be a bane in such cases, giving the accused a leeway and leaving the victim with less hopes.

Last but not least, Aamir discusses society's disdainful attitude towards rape victims and her family, rather than towards the accused. The social stigma attached to rape, he pointed, has led to suicides in several situations.

Aamir added that by ostracising the victims and dissuading them, we as a society are only encouraging the rapists, who, shockingly, constitute only a minuscule, one percent population of the society.

A social worker, while talking to Aamir, dispelled predominant beliefs and informed that incidents of rape were equally at large in villages as in cities. She also revealed that most victims were traditionally dressed at the time of crime, as opposed to the argument that provocative dressing invite rapes.

The last section featured bravehearts Suzette Jordan and Urmila Singh Bharti, who have been battling demons of the society, law and stood firm in their attempt to get justice. 

Suzette is a victim of the infamous Park Street rape of Kolkata, which snowballed into a major controversy, after the state chief minister Mamata Banerjee issued derogatory remarks on her, even to the extent of referring her as sex worker and proclaiming it a fake case. Meanwhile, Urmila braved odds to get her case registered, despite facing threats to her life and family. Urmila's husband has been a constant support in her struggle and Aamir appreciated his efforts and hugged him warmly during the show.

At the end, the actor brought up the need for an immediate change in the scenario and suggested the setting up of a centre for rape crisis in all districts of every state, throughout the country. The centre would collect all evidence from a victim and help augmenting the process of justice.

"Satyamev Jayate" this season is aimed at public participation, and hence the suggestion of the setting up of a rape crisis centre is open to vote.