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After dealing with rape, police system and garbage disposal scenarios of the country, Aamir Khan is all set to stroke the fire with the burning corruption issue, this Sunday.

In the recent promo of the upcoming episode Khan states that India is not a poor country and every citizen is a millionaire, but the very next moment the actor thoughtfully asks if you don't have the sum then where it is.

A clear indication is that Khan is all set to highlight the issue of corruption and black money, which has marred the prevalent UPA government of the country.

At a time when numerous scams have tumbled out of closet and the rise of illegal money in the system is slated as one possible reason of inflation, it is interesting as to how the episode deals with this woeful topic.

The format of the show generally highlights a particular topic right from its cause, to actual shocking realities and finally a well conceived solution.

It should be quite a task on Khan's part to treat the massive topic of corruption and offer valid solutions of its exclusion from the deep roots.

Khan's next episode is eagerly awaited, but the superstar has landed in a major controversy with respect to his social reality show.

A prior episode of domestic abuse against women in season one of the show has met with flak from the Save India Family Foundation (SIFF), which alleges that the episode presented a partial view of the problem ignoring the domestic abuse faced by men. The foundation also claimed the data used on the show were tweaked to highlight only the woes of the female gender, reported Times of India.

The head of SIFF also stated that in the light of such developments, the name of the show "Satyamev Jayate" should be changed to Ardha-Satyameva Jayate (Half Truths only Triumph).

Khan is already facing the heat due to his involvement in a housing controversy, where he has been accused of driving out residents of a particular housing society for the construction of his bungalow.