Pretty Little Liars
Pretty Little

The season 4 finale episode of “Pretty Little Liars” revealed exactly what happened the night Alison went missing, but it also left viewers wondering about the fate of a beloved character after he was shot while trying to save the girls from A.

Ezra, who says that he has uncovered the identity of A, gets shot by A at the end of the episode and fans have been left wondering if he will survive.

The episode starts off with Alison telling the girls about all the people she met the night she went missing. Alison was constantly harassed by a psychopathic murderer that summer, and she does a bit of sleuthing in order to find the identity of the person.

Her suspicions are cast on Jenna and Toby, but they turn out to be harmless. Alison then targets her best friends. She drugs them to rule out the possibility of them being A, if she gets a note from the murderer while they are out.

But Spencer, who has been taking speed, does not pass out like the others and Alison is forced to confront a shovel-wielding Spencer.

"I'm speeding and I'm speeding hard. I need that sweet, sweet focus. Please don't tell my parents, about all of the speeding. They'll never understand!" Spencer tells Alison, who advices her to stay off alcohol and Adderall.

Spencer walks away, but Alison is hit in the back of her head with a rock. Although she is unable to see her assailant, Mrs DiLaurentis knows the culprit, and proceeds to bury her daughter.

“What have you done?” the mentally-disturbed Mrs DiLaurentis keeps asking as she buries Alison, indicating that A might be someone known to Alison.

As Alison finishes the story, the girls are attacked by a person in a black hoodie and mask. Although they try to seek refuge on the roof, a gun-wielding A corners them. Ezra comes to their rescue, and during the scuffle with A, Hanna manages to get hold of the gun.

However, Ezra gets shot and the episode ended with the possibility of him dying in Aria’s arms.

Aria’s feelings for Ezra were reinstated after Alison revealed that Ezra was unaware that she was a minor. Also, she says that Ezra was hell-bent on finding Alison because he wanted to save her and then get back with Aria.

From the looks of it, Ezra will make a comeback in the next season, scheduled to premiere on 10 June, as Ian Harding, who plays Ezra, recently revealed that he has signed a contract for the fifth season.