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When the current season of "Pretty Little Liars" ends next week, questions surrounding the disappearance of Alison DiLaurentis will hopefully be answered. The next episode will mostly feature Alison as she recounts the events that led to her disappearance on that September night.

The finale episode is titled "A is for Answers" where Alison's four best friends come face-to-face with her and learn about her long-held secrets. Will they also get to know who is buried in Alison's grave?

Leaked photos of the upcoming episode show Alison lying in a grave with someone shoveling dirt on her. It is impossible to figure out if the person with the shovel is male or female.

One theory floating around suggests that the girl in the grave might be Alison's twin Courtney. It is believed that Alison made Courtney appear crazy and she was taken away to a special place. But when Courtney returned for vacation, she pretended to be Alison and managed to confuse even their mother, who sends Alison away to where Courtney was supposed to be.

Alison escapes and kills Courtney, who was in the woods following an argument with Spencer, and it is Alison who has been blackmailing the liars all along.

Mrs. DiLaurentis is believed to be privy to the truth and wants to safeguard her daughter. This might explain her behavior in the previous episode "Unbridled", where she did not want Alison's grave to be exhumed. When detective Holbrook questioned Mrs. DiLaurentis on who might be buried in Alison's grave, all he got was stern responses.

Also, Mrs. DiLaurentis might have paid off CeCe to keep her mouth shut about Alison's involvement in the crime. Ezra's notes suggested that Mrs. DiLaurentis might have paid off CeCe so that she would not talk about a fight her daughter had with Spencer. But that does not make much sense if one questions Mrs. DiLaurentis' intention to save Spencer.

The previous episode saw Jason DiLaurentis' return to the show, and it looks like he too is hiding something. While it is too soon to say if he Jason knows anything about what happened the night Alison disappeared, his lie about being in a rehab facility that has been closed for two years has cast some suspicion on him.

The season 4 finale of "Pretty Little Liars" will be aired on 18 March.

(Edited by Vishnuprasad S Pillai)