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The latest episode of ABC's family show "Pretty Little Liars" has opened up another can of worms as the girls try to find out what happened the night Alison died. Tuesday's episode focused on how the girls dealt with their grief and dropped several hints of Mrs DiLaurentis being A.

Promos of the next week's episode show that things are going to heat up a bit more.

The episode picks off from where "Cover for Me" ended, and the girls continue to investigate Mrs. DiLaurentis, who they believe is A.

Spoilers of the episode, titled "Unbridled," show the girls taking part in a bridal fashion show as they attempt to unearth the mysteries surrounding Alison's mother.

Spencer has more recollections from the past and this is believed to land her in trouble.

The episode promo shows Spencer walking through the woods as if she is following someone. Suddenly, she stops and gasps when she sees a dark figure. The look on her face indicates that she has been stabbed.

Was it Mrs. DiLaurentis who stabbed Spencer because she was getting too close to the truth?

It's too soon to say, but the previous episode cast considerable suspicion on Alison's mother, whom the Little Liars believe is A.

Tuesday's episode saw Aria going off to Syracuse to meet her dad as she wanted a much-needed break after learning about Ezra's betrayal. During her stay, she befriends Riley, a guy she met at a party, and they end up sleeping together.

On the way back, Aria drops in to see Ezra who hands her the manuscript of his now cancelled book. Ezra believes Aria would find answers to many of her questions in the manuscript.

And this is where she comes across the theory that Alison's mother might be part of A.

Meanwhile, Spencer returns from her short stint at rehab facility only to find that she has been grounded – no friends, laptop or cell phones. She is under house arrest and can venture out only with Dean, her sober coach.

Spencer is irritable and angry and snaps at her mother who offers to make a snack. She is jolted out of her sour mood, when she finds her bed soiled and a note that says, "I know you dug her grave, now I'm digging yours - A."

This letter is followed by a visit from Mrs. DiLaurentis who tells Spencer that no mother should watch her child die.

"Nothing beats a good night's sleep like a fresh set of sheets," Mrs. DiLaurentis adds, probably hinting at the note she received from A.

Later in the episode, when Spencer is out with Dean, she has a flashback of her chasing Alison while holding on to a shovel. Spencer also remembers hitting someone with the shovel and getting sprayed with blood.

As viewers are aware that Alison is alive, the identity of the person who was attacked by Spencer is still a mystery.

Meanwhile, Aria reveals to her friends that Ezra's manuscript suggests that Mrs. DiLaurentis might be A. When Hanna and Emily refuse to believe the theory, Spencer admits that Mrs. DiLaurentis believes her to be behind Alison's attempted murder, and confesses that her brain was addled by drugs and drinks the night she allegedly attacked Alison.

When Spencer confronts her mother to tell her what happened the night Alison was murdered, her mom tells her to "consider it a blessing." Spencer heads upstairs and has a vision of Mrs. DiLaurentis coming up behind her, while she is looking out of the window.