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Things are getting intense in "Pretty Little Liars" after Aria comes to know about the secrets Ezra has been hiding.

The previous two episodes dealt with how Aria found out that Ezra wasn't part of A, but a novelist delving into the disappearance of Alison DiLaurentis.

"He's not A," Aria tells Emily, Spencer and Hanna. "He's a writer who found an opportunity to make a name for himself."

Tuesday's episode saw the girls digging around Ezra's apartment for clues, and not all are happy with what they find.

Aria finds out that Ezra is going ahead with the publication of his book. As she nurses her broken heart, she bonds with Riley, a handsome musician. The promo of episode 22 shows Aria sitting on a dock overlooking a lake, and the expression on her face suggests that she might be ready to put the past behind her.

Meanwhile, Spencer is battling a different kind of war altogether and starts doubting if she was responsible for Alison's death.

Digging through Ezra's belongings, Spencer finds out that Alison's mother paid off CeCe, so that she wouldn't reveal what happened the night Alison went missing. It is revealed that CeCe saw Spencer flinging a shovel, and Spencer's attempts to find out more about the incident does not succeed.

Neither her parents nor Alison's mother reveal anything about the incident, and Spencer, who was on medication at the time, has no recollection of striking anyone with a shovel.

Spencer too might be at the receiving end of some romance, as Nathaniel Buzolic is making his official debut in the next episode titled "Cover for Me."

While nothing about their relationship has been revealed, online buzz is that he has been hired by Spencer's family to help her battle her pill addiction.

Last episode saw Spencer's family urging her to enter a rehab to get rid of her drug addiction, but she convinces them to let her battle it out herself, and Buzolic's character might be lending her a helping hand.

"I admit I lost control. But it's not like last time. All I'm asking is for you to give me one chance to get off them on my own," Spencer tells her parents in the previous episode.

While the promo shows us that the two share a tense chemistry, fans of the show think that romance might be in the cards for Spencer.

While Aria and Spencer are coming to terms with what they have just learned, episode 22 will focus more on Emily and Hanna. While Emily tries to find out more about Ezra and Mona, Hanna attempts to find out who is buried in Alison's grave.

There are only a few more episodes left before the series hits its finale, and by the end of it, viewers might get some answers about all the mysteries that have unfolded in the previous episodes.