Screenshot from Moodar Koodam official trailer (YouTube)
Screenshot from Moodar Koodam official trailer (YouTube)YouTube

New release "Moodar Koodam" (Fools Gathering) has received critical acclaim from film critics who have appreciated the director for attempting a new genre - dark comedy.

The success of films such as "Soodhu Kavvum", "Pizza" and "Neram" has paved for new directors to try out different genres of films. Debutant Naveen, a former associate of director Pandiraj, has come up with a black comedy film titled "Moodar Koodam."

"Moodar Koodam" has the director making his debut as an actor. The rest of the cast includes Oviya, Sindhu Reddy, Rajaj, Sentrayan, Kuberan and Jayaprakash in supportive roles.

The film is about four young guys, Naveen (Naveen), Vellaisami (Rajaj), Sentrayan (Sentrayan) and Kuberan (Kuberan), who meet in jail after getting detained for minor offences. All four get released on the same date and they plan to rob the belongings of one rich person, who happens to be Vellaisami's uncle. A series of unexpected events happen while they attempt to rob the rich man, which is shown in a hilarious manner.

Here is the review roundup of "Moodar Koodam"

S Saraswathi of Rediff, "Comedy and satire are beautifully interwoven in Moodar Koodam with excellent support from the cast."

"There are no dull moments in director Naveen's Moodar Koodam. But the sheer number of characters in the film makes one's head spin. There are flashbacks for almost all the characters, which gives an insight into their past lives and also explains their present attitude. So it is really a surprise that the film doesn't seem to go on forever," Saraswathi says.

Behindwoods Review Board says, "First of all, kudos to Naveen and Pandiaraj to believe in a project like Moodar Koodam. Dark humor is a genre which should be wholeheartedly welcomed in Tamil in this era of new wave cinema."

"As a director, Naveen is able to extract what he wants for his story barring some of the hostage sequences that feel like stage dramas. The film has its best moments when the action moves outside the house, like the several backstories and the North Chennai episodes."

Senior film journalist Sreedhar PIllai says, "The black humour works in bits & pieces, All 4 lead characters & a dog has a flashback, which becomes irritating!"

"Dialogues loaded with messages r humorous but 2many beeping 4 U Certificate spoils the fun. OK, wish it was crisper &racy ," he said.