Krissh 3 poster (Facebook Official page Krrish 3)
Krissh 3 poster (Facebook Official page Krrish 3)

Rakesh Roshan's science fiction film "Krrish 3" marks the return of superhero Krrish (Hrithik Roshan) on big screen. The science fiction is a third film in the franchise that started a decade ago with "Koi... Mil Gaya".

The much awaited film of Hrithik has received rave reviews for the visuals effects, but on the other hand critics have also slammed the film for the unimaginative storyline.

The film directed and produced by Rakesh Roshan is one of the costliest films ever released in India. However, the makers have not revealed the production cost.

Apart from Hrithik, the film also features Priyanka Chopra, Vivek Oberoi and Kangana Ranaut in important roles.

Read the critics' review here:

Taran Adarsh of Bollywood Hungama writes: "One of the most expensive films produced in India, KRRISH-3 retains the story of noble versus sinful [the plot is connected with the predecessors], but Roshan Sr. makes sure he renews and revamps the latest installment -- adding the evil mutants to fight the superhero, garnishing the plot with loads of visual effects, et al -- attempting to match the superhero flicks that arrive from Hollywood. The essence remains the same: the superhero has to save the planet from destructive forces. The difference lies in the fact that Roshan Sr. envelopes the typical Indian emotions with technology to tug at your heartstrings and win you over. 

"Additionally, KRRISH-3 is a technical marvel and all those doubting whether the homegrown superhero and visual effects would really match up to the international levels or look outright tacky would stand vanquished. Watch it to believe it, is all I'd say! 

"On the whole, KRRISH-3 has the ingredients that make a splendid superhero film, besides being Rakesh Roshan's most accomplished work so far. Besides a riveting plot, the film scores brownie points thanks to the strong undercurrent of emotions, the clash between the protagonist and antagonist/mutants, the awe-inspiring visual effects, the larger-than-life entertainment and of course, Hrithik Roshan, who is matchless in this avtaar. It's a Diwali bonanza for moviegoers across the globe and is sure to conclude the celebratory period on a high. BLOCKBUSTER."

Madhureeta Mukherjee of The Times of India writes: "Evil doesn't raise its ugly head anymore. It raises a finger. But then 'Good' flies too. In 'Superhero' form - Caped, masked, winged - with muscles of steel and hearts of gold. Our comic-book phirang fantasy boys have flown high as 'Supermen' in Hollywood epics for eons. In India, only one man with an audacious flight of imagination - Rakesh Roshan - has thrice-over, superbly crafted a fantastical world 'alien' to Bollywood, with our very own amazingly evocative superhero - Krrish (Hrithik).

"Hrithik is truly the stuff superheroes are made of. Brandishing his Greek-God looks and almighty powers. Displaying larger-than-life flair and flying shoulder-to-shoulder with any Hollywood superman. As the prosthetically pot-bellied and ageing Rohit, he is incredible. Vivek, as a physically disabled anti-hero is menacing as a 'hellboy'. His lunatic laugh and white-washed make-up make him fearfully fantastic. Priyanka is good in her limited role. Kangna in her gothic and deviously dark avatar looks stunning and pulls off an outstanding act.

"For sheer vision, bravado and superlative execution, this one soars to new orbits. Latch on to this cape for an exhilarating ride. Note: You might not like this film if sci-fi, fantastical films are not your scene."

Mohar Basu of writes: "For films with such humongous hype, this section of the review is just a mere formality. However, in my opinion Krrish 3 is a zestful effort from its makers to offer us a world class superhero flick. But sadly, it all goes in vain for me. The shabby acting, pathetic dialogues, over the top melodrama and zero presence of screenplay could have been ignored but what remains unforgivable is its unoriginal sequences. It was hard to find one scene that has no relation whatsoever with any previous superhero or sci-fi film. The lack of novelty is gravely dissatisfactory as the film has absolutely nothing to flaunt except their gusto to try something spirited of this magnitude!

"Krrish 3 isn't a terrible film but it is massively disheartening and mood dampening because of its imitative premise. Hrithik reprises his role of Krrish with an enigmatic energy and infallible enthusiasm which is the film's sole glistening point. The ludicrous storyline is miffing but the chiseled bodied superhero indulges us enough to make this film a decent one time watch this festive season. Don't expect too much or pine excessive hope on this one. A well intentioned, brave effort but falls notches beneath an exhilarating cinematic experience."

Sneha May Francis of Emirates 24/7 writes: "Unimaginative storyline and indulgent screenplay prove spoilers in the superhero adventure. There are some incredible visual moments, no doubt, but eliminating the song-and-dances for more consequential action stunts would have been more striking.  

"Roshan's two-hour-and-thirty-minute screenplay is rather indulgent, punctured with numerous songs and dances that leave the superhero little time to flaunt his action thrills. He gets to fly constantly and work his facial muscles, but the real action is saved for the last few minutes.

"Overall, 'Krrish3' will turn out to be a fun adventure for the little kids and Hrithik loyalists. For the rest of us, it's going to be just another superhero attempt in the right direction. Hopefully, it won't be long before we get our very own superman!"