Kotha Janta poster (Facebook/Kotha Janta)
Kotha Janta poster (Facebook/Kotha Janta)Facebook/Kotha Janta

Allu Sirish-Regina Cassandra's "Kotha Janta" has received average reviews from critics.

The romantic comedy entertainer, directed by Maruthi, has Rao Ramesh, Posani Krishna Murali, Sapthagiri, Rohini and Madhurima in supporting roles.

Sirish (Allu Sirish) and Suvarna (Cassandra) are selfish people who want to make big bucks in life. They both work for a TV channel in Hyderabad and their channel head Ramesh (Rao Ramesh) brings them together as a team to improve the TRP ratings. Sirish and Suvarna start a new program named "Kotha Janta", where they conduct live televised weddings of controversial couples, which becomes popular among the public.

Sirish and Suvarna get an offer to join another TV channel, but Suvarna rejects it. In order to convince her, Sirish begins to act as if he is deeply in love with Suvarna. She believes him and falls in love, but later realises Sirish's selfish motives, which cause tension in their relationship. Suvarna decides to take revenge, and what happens next forms the crux of the story.

Critics have appreciated director Maruthi for doing a neat job with "Kotha Janta." "Maruthi did his best to keep the film clean. His efforts to come out of that 'Boothu director' image are evident. One would expect more fun and comedy in Maruthi's film. Kotha Janta doesn't offer hilarious comedy except for few laughs here and there. This is a routine romantic entertainer with 'Selfishness' as the theme. Maruthi did a neat job on the whole," says Gulte.

The performances of the lead actors have also won accolades from the critics. "Allu Sirish has improved significantly compared to his first film. He is more at ease with himself and he has performed reasonably well. Regina Cassandra is the star of the film. She is bubbly, adorable and cute. She can act as well and she is going to go places," says 123telugu.

Regarding the technical aspects, critics have given positive feedback. "Cinematography by Richards Prasad is slick and colorful. JB who scored for low budget films so far has upped his quality for this film. Background music and songs are very good. Dialogues by Maruthi are good. Uddhav's editing is okay. Art direction by Ramana Vanka is colorful. Production values of Geetha Arts banner are sleek," says Jeevi of Idlebrain website.

On the flip side, the film has a wafer-thin plot and a predictable screenplay, say the critics. They also cite that the film's first half is good, while the second half is not as impressive and lacks pace. 

On the whole, "Kotha Janta" is a formulaic romantic comedy entertainer that has "selfishness" as the theme and a few laughs sprinkled here and there. 

Verdict: Time-Pass Film

Photoe Credit: Facebook/Kotha Janta