Jolly LLB Critics Review: A “Jolly Good” Film
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"Jolly LLB" starring Arshad Warsi, Amrita Rao and Boman Irani in lead roles is a Bollywood courtroom comedy drama. The movie is directed by "Phas Gaye Re Obama " fame Subhash Kapoor and is a social satire on India's legal system.

The film has received mixed to positive reviews from critics upon its release.

Here is what critics had to say about the film:

Srijana Mitra Das of Times of India said: "So, Jolly LLB isn't a comedy - despite jokes about 'appeal' spelled as 'apple' and Jolly telling Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorists he's Maskhar-e-Taiba, Jolly LLB is a serious movie, showcasing the arrogance of the rich, the helplessness of the poor and the corruption of the law.

"Jolly LLB works because of its bigger point - decency is for all and worth fighting for. Using bittersweet satire and plot twirls, the film shows corruption even used against the corrupt. Despite that weaker first half, this truly becomes a Jolly good show."

Taran Adarsh of Bollywood Hungama said : "JOLLY LLB walks the thin line wonderfully. The on-screen characters seem straight out of everyday life and if I am not mistaken, this is, perhaps, the first Hindi movie that finds humor within the confines of a courtroom, besides presenting a captivating courtroom drama so effectively.

"JOLLY LLB works for yet another reason: It's a fascinating account of an underdog who locks horns with a much-senior, much-powerful and much-influential lawyer and emerges triumphant, after facing a lot of hardships. This slice of life film celebrates the spirit of the aam aadmi so admirably and capably that in his triumph lies your triumph!

"On the whole, JOLLY LLB is a power-packed courtroom drama. But, most importantly, it celebrates the spirit of the common man seeking justice and impartiality most effectively. Just don't miss this jolly good film!"

Mohar Basu of said: "The script isn't a very elaborate one, but surely leaves room for a brilliant screenplay to flow. Picking up largely from reality, the story brings forward the loopholes of the entire justice system of India, which at its core is flawed. Every character is created in a non preachy way, but intends to point out their hapless victimization at the hands of law. Characters like Kaul Sa'ab, the canteen owner who couldn't get justice for his daughter, raped and murdered or the scene where the judge talks about the number of pending cases in court; one is forced to realize that speedy justice is a myth in this country.

"However, the evident humor of the story lingers on. I particularly like the scene where a police constable auctions postings. The story anchors on reality and it won't be wrong to say reality in India is in a very sorry state. Despite a very slim plot, a loaded screenplay does the magic for this film.

"The screenplay is fabulously done. Everyone in the film has well etched out parts. It harnesses well Boman and Arshad's on screen chemistry. Kapoor lets the screenplay flow well, without adding any airs; the film turns out quite well on that."

Raja Sen of said: "Jolly LLB is funny in parts but preachiness and the need to flaunt the film's sincerity and heart get in the way.

"I just wish the film wasn't as convenient, though. As soon as Jolly changes heart (and, indeed, name) we can see this film heading towards a sincere good-beats-evil battle, and the way in which he comes across witnesses and evidence is just farcically easy.

"Not for Kapoor the drama of Damini or a few good epiphanies, but instead a comedy with a heavy moral-science jhola across its shoulder, a stand-up comic given a stool.

"And, as mentioned, there is so much evidence in favour of going for broke with a satirical, smart comedy instead of this background-score heavy dud.

"Especially, as we look at the film, in its throwaway detail: in lawyers locking up typewriters as if they were stray bicycles, in a Taj Mahal paperweight, in lawyers who can't spell "affidavit" and -- in perhaps the film's funniest bit of plot -- a decrepit, wheezing bodyguard.

"Clearly, Kapoor can bring the humour (though someone else should write dialogue.) But alas, preachiness and the need to flaunt the film's sincerity and heart, gets in the way of a good time."

Gayatri Sankar of Zee News said: "Coming from a director who loves donning the thinking cap, 'Jolly LLB' mirrors the existing judiciary system in the country, popular for dillydallying cases for years...perhaps ages! Moreover, it also speaks about the huge gap between the affluent class and the poor that seldom finds a bridge.

"After 'Phas Gaye Re Obama' released in 2010, filmmaker Subhash Kapoor, through his latest starring Arshad Warsi and Boman Irani, has ripped the Indian judiciary apart in the most satirical way possible.

"The film is quite predictable but what keeps you intrigued is the little nuances of anticipation. Nonetheless, the film does grip you making you wonder if you would ever want to see the judicial system remain as it is. For justice delayed is justice denied, isn't it?

"And who says only superstars can draw crowd to the theatres? 'Jolly LLB' will prove the conventional notion wrong. Highly recommended."

Saibal Chatterjee of NDTV said: "Despite a somewhat thin storyline, or probably on account of it, the film stays on course for the most part. It addresses a serious theme - the anomalies inherent in India's judicial system - in a jocular manner but steers well clear of unwarranted flippancy.

"The film, which relies on both humour and pathos for impact, is buoyed by a clutch of outstanding performances and a directorial style that is marked by admirable lightness of touch.

"Writer-director Subhash Kapoor keeps it simple and shipshape. He pulls no punches in poking fun at the loopholes in the country's justice delivery system. But he does not let the critique degenerate into objectionable mockery. 

"Nowhere does he seek to call the audience's attention to either the technical aspects of the film or the cinematic elements that constitute its spine.

"Barring the off-kilter musical score, which is completely out of sync with the predominantly naturalistic drift of the film, Jolly LLB is a jolly good film."