Jism 2
Jism 2 first poster. (Twitter)

After dealing with censor troubles for the past two weeks, Bollywood director Pooja Bhatt is fighting off a fresh set of legal troubles for her 'A' rated erotic thriller "Jism 2".

A public-interest litigation (PIL) has been filed in the Allahabad High Court demanding a stay on the release of "Jism 2", allegedly targeting its lead heroine Sunny Leone, the Times of India reported.

Varanasi-based activist Rakesh Nayayik filed the Public Interest Litigation, citing that the sexually explicit content of the film will have an adverse effect on Indian society.

"We have sought a stay order on the release of Jism 2 because of the sexually explicit content of the movie, and the inclusion of Sunny Leone in the film, for the adverse moral impact that her presence would have on society," SMA Kazmi, the advocate handling the case, said.

The hearing in this case has been postponed till Aug 8.

Meanwhile, the Daily Bhaskar reported that another complainant filed a petition in the Rajasthan high court on Saturday, demanding a ban on Sunny Leone's debut film from the silver screen. The petitioner alleged that the film is promoting pornography in the country and should be banned before it appears in theatres.

The petitioner even denounced the filmmakers for releasing the un-cut trailers of the film on the internet, saying that the Indian constitutional laws do not permit promotion of porn publicly.

"There is a provision of 5 years punishment for this offence under PITA (Prevention of Immoral Trafficking Act)," the daily quoted the petitioner as saying.

This is not the first time "Jism 2" was under the scanner for its ultra bold content. Even the censor board had initially refused to certify the film, saying it was "too explicit' and that the love-making scenes were 'too long'.

"Jism 2", which stars Indo-Canadian adult entertainer Sunny Leone, created immense buzz due to its overtly sensuous scenes that were eventually chopped off for appropriate viewing on theaters.

The film, which will hit Aug 3, was finally given an 'A' certificate after Pooja Bhatt diluted nearly half the length of the intimate scenes and replaced the close-ups with wide-angle shots, as demanded by the CBFC.