Jannal Oram (Facebook/Jannal Oram)
Jannal Oram (Facebook/Jannal Oram)Facebook/Jannal Oram

Vemal-Parthipan's "Jannal Oram" has received mixed reviews from critics.

The film, directed by Karu Pazhaniappan, is a remake of 2012 Malayalam film "Ordinary", starring Kunchacko Boban and Biju Menon.

"Jannal Oram" revolves around bus driver Karuppu (Parthepan) and conductor Subbu (Vemal) who get involved in a murder mystery. "Jannal Oram" also stars Manisha Yadav, Poorna, Vidharth, Ramana and Rajesh in pivotal roles.

The comedy drama film was released on 29 November along with the films "Naveena Saraswathi Sabadham" and "Vidiyum Munn". It remains to be seen how the film performs while facing strong competition from other new releases.

 Here is the review roundup of "Jannal Oram":

According to Indiaglitz, "'Jannal Oram' is an interesting journey, which turns a thriller in the second half. Stopping by to take note of most of the small emotions and gestures we miss in our everyday rush, the film is an interesting tale of a humble small town. The seat by the window that slides the captivating show of passing images is an interesting spot to sit at and ponder over the small things we fail to take notice of.

"'Jannal Oram' is a careful attempt to spotlight these very small things in the life of a humble village. In all, it is a fairly predictable journey with sudden twists and turns on the way and a totally unpredictable destination."

According to Behindwoods Review Board, "Palaniappan takes his own time to begin the actual film just before the interval and it is the post-interval block where all the drama happens and keeps you engaged fairly. The climax is also stretched more than necessary and when the suspense gets lengthened, it actually loses its purpose."

According to M Suganth of The Times of India, "Overall, the film is competently put together and somewhat interesting but you cannot escape a lingering feeling that it should have been a little ambitious and much better. Too much time is spent in getting us familiarized with the characters that for large stretches in the first half, we wonder when the director will get to the story. The songs, which are shot indifferently, only add to the length."