Iron Man 3 Game launched for Android and Apple devices for free
Performers dressed as Iron Man pose for a photo during a promotional event of the movie ''Iron Man 3'' before its release in China in early May at the Imperial Ancestral Temple of Beijing's Forbidden City, April 6, 2013.Reuters/Jason Lee

Gameloft, the official gaming partner of the "Iron Man" film franchise has released the "Iron Man 3" mobile game in Google Play store and Apple online store for free. The release took place on the very same day the superhero movie hit global theatres, just a couple of days ago.

Gameloft's "Iron Man 3" is an endless 3D flying game, Gamers take control as the flamboyant billionaire genious Tony Starks A.K.A Iron Man, who is on a mission to fight the rising army of A.I.M (Advanced Idea Mechanics) and four other villains - Crimson Dynamo, Ezekiel Stane, Living Laser and the M.O.D.O.K as the user goes past different levels.

One of the striking features of the game is that users can choose among 18 suits to fight different enemies and they can also customise body armour at Tony Stark's research Lab to add more fire power to the suit.

In order to install the new "Iron Man" Game, users shoudl make sure their Android smartphones and tablet PCs run on OS v2 .3 and later versions with at least 795MB free memory. Apple devices should have at least 644MB free memory. The game works only on iOS 5-based gadgets that include iPhone 4 and later smartphone iterations. Iron Man 3 game can also be played on iPod Touch (4th generation and later iterations) and third generation iPads that include iPad 2 and other later released devices.

Gamers can click here to download the "Iron Man 3" game from Google Play Store and Apple App store.