Shazahn Padamsee Bikini Shot
A screen shot of actress Shazahn Padamsee from the song "Do U Know"Official Site (T-series)

She kissed Ranbir Kapoor in her debut film. Now, Shazahn Padamsee has once again taken a bold avatar and donned a bikini in the recently released movie "Housefull 2- The Dirty Dozen."

The actress, who made her debut with "Rocket Singh Salesman of the Year" (2009), said she is all game for bikini shots if it is being aesthetically taken and adds value to the film.

Speaking to the media about her bikini shot in the film, the 24-year-old actress told Trans World Feature (TWF): "It all depends on the film. If it's aesthetically shot, then the scene adds to the film. Like in "Housefull 2."

"I was wearing a bikini and shorts and it was so aesthetically shot that everybody said the scene was looking very cute. It has to suit you. If you have a good body, go and flaunt it," she added.

When asked how comfortable she is in doing such bold characters, Shazahn said that she will take up such roles only if the character appeals to her.

"As you know, I am from the theatre and my dad (Alyque Padamsee) has always told me from the beginning that, forget about everything, think is there an interesting role for you to play. So whether it is a bold or an innocent character or whatever, as long as the character appeals to me and I think I can bring my uniqueness to it, I will go for it," said the actress.

The model turned actress also revealed the secret behind her bikini-bod.

"I just go to the gym, am into kick-boxing and swimming," she said

Shazahn, who wants to do a solo lead flick, said that she has been very careful in choosing her projects so that she doesn't have to regret anything in future. However, the actress added that she does not have any strategic plans and wants to take one step at a time.

 "I am not strategically planning anything ... that I will so this first, and then go to the next step. Whatever comes my way, I will accept it as long as I feel excited about the project. I think there are people like me to whom things happen slowly," she said.