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Until Cristin Milioti's character was introduced, "How I Met Your Mother" fans had always hoped Ted would get together with Robin. And this theory has once again gained momentum after Monday's episode, where Robin's mother tells her to be with someone she can depend on.

In the episode Robin and her mother get talking about Barney, and Robin's mother finds that Barney has a lot of similarities with Robin's dad. This worries Robin as her parents did not have a happy marriage, and she does not want history repeating itself.

But when Robin's mother finally meets Barney, he hugs her, causing Robin's mother to declare: "Oh, he's a hugger. Nothing like your father."

Later on they get talking about marriage in general and Robin's mother tells her that the most important thing is to find someone who you can really depend on.

"Do you have someone like that?" Robin's mother asks. "I do," Robin says, after a short pause.

Was Robin talking about Barney or was it Ted? HIMYM fans have taken to Twitter with the hope that Robin would end up with Ted.

If speculations of Ted ending up with Robin turn out to be true, then TV Fanatic reported that it might happen sometime after 2022. This means that Robin and Barney would have broken up sometime after 2016 and theories of the mother dying would also be accurate.

Also, Ted's children look more bored and annoyed than sad and forlorn as they listen to their dad recounting how he met their mother. This is yet another indication that Robin would have stepped into their mother's shoes after their mother's passing, according to TV Fanatic.

But Milioti disagrees that a tragic end is in store for HIMYM. "That's insane," Milioti told The Hollywood Reporter. "There are some crazy conspiracy theories, which really makes me love the fans more... That is so crazy."

She called the finale "beautiful" and noted that the creators of HIMYM "had this vision for nine years, and it's in great hands. They know exactly what they want to do."

The final episode of "How I Met Your Mother" will be airied on 31 March on CBS.