Brian Griffin
Brian Griffin of "Family Guy" run over by a carScreenshot from YouTube Video

In what would come as a shocker to "Family Guy" fans, Brian Griffin, the much-loved pet in the animated Fox comedy, is unlikely to return to life, despite speculations that it would feature in the upcoming Christmas special to be screened on 15 December.

Brian was killed in a car accident on the 24 November episode, leaving fans of the animated Fox comedy devastated.

Giving a strong hint that Brian will not come back to life, the 8 December episode of "Family Guy" replaced Brian with Vinny in the opening credits, according to Hollywood Life. It added that the new member was brought in to fill the void left by the deceased pet. 

However, earlier reports suggested that Brian would make a return in the new episode - "Christmas Guy" - a few weeks after being run over by a car, but nothing has been confirmed yet. He was given an emotional adieu with a funeral service in the previous episode, but the sudden demise of their beloved pet has upset thousands of fans.

The return of Brain can't be ruled out, despite reports that Vinny has replaced him in the opening credits of 8 December episode, as it was one of the most-loved characters of the sitcom and fans will be upset without it.

Surprisingly, the death of Brian in "Family Guy" was linked to actor Paul Walker, who was killed along with his friend Roger Rodas on 30 November after their Porsche Carrera GT met with an accident in Santa Clarita, Los Angeles.

The conspiracy theory lies in the idea that an organization called the Illuminati, which many in the conspiracy circles believe to be a semi-secret fraternity that influences world events, foretold what was going to happen to "Fast & Furious" star. The death of the dog named Brian in "Family Guy" was assumed to be a way of foretelling Walker's fate, whose character in one of his movies was also Brian. [READ: Paul Walker Conspiracy Theories]

The video of "Family Guy" Brain being killed in a car accident has made its way to YouTube, getting over one million hits since it was uploaded on 24 November.

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