‘Breaking Bad’ Was Just A Strange ‘Malcolm In The Middle’ Dream: Leaked Series’ Alternate Ending Video Deleted From YouTube
‘Breaking Bad’ Was Just A Strange ‘Malcolm In The Middle’ Dream: Leaked Series’ Alternate Ending Video Deleted From YouTubeFacebook

"Breaking Bad" ended its five-year run earlier in September. The fifth season of the popular American crime drama television series comprised of only eight episodes but was enough to give its audience closure with every character they cared about. The show's finale tightened up some loose ends and provided answers to lingering questions. Nonetheless, fans were disappointed to see their favorite show come to an end so soon.

Over the years, the show has faced the brunt of many "Malcolm in The Middle" jokes and hence it came as no surprise when an alternative ending to "Breaking Bad" was leaked online depicting the series as a strange "Malcolm in the Middle" dream. The video shows actor Bryan Cranston from Breaking Bad wake up beside his on-screen "Malcolm in the Middle" wife Jane Kaczmarek.

As Hal (Cranston) wakes up, his wife Lois (Kaczmarek) comforts him saying he'll never have to be a meth dealer again. During this time, Hal begins to recall some "Breaking Bad" incidents admitting he "made bombs" and killed people. He also recalls having a hot blonde wife and wearing a hat. As Hal goes back to sleep, the camera zooms in to a hat that looks exactly like the one Cranston wears as his character in "Breaking Bad."

The video is supposed to be part of a DVD that will release soon. However, the alternate ending was leaked and posted on YouTube last evening. Only minutes ago, Sony Pictures pulled down the clip from the video streaming site, citing copyright infringement.

Fans were sad to see the series end, with many of them taking to Twitter to call the series "the best in the decade." Few even requested the makers to add another season or so while others were hopeful that the finale would be a 2 hour special. The final episode attracted a viewership of 10.3 million, a dramatic jump up from the 6.6 million in the previous week.

Not only was the series much appreciated by fans all over the world, it ruled this years' Emmy Awards and was highly acclaimed by critics. With 6 nominations, it took home the award for the Best Outstanding Drama Series and Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series (Anna Gunn).

Vince Gilligan, creator and producer of the series began this production with the concept of turning the "protagonist into an antagonist." The storyline revolves around Walter White (Bryan Cranston), a struggling high school chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with lung cancer at the beginning of the series and is given only two years to live. To support his family and leave some wealth for them before he dies, he begins indulging in petty crimes including the selling and producing of methamphetamine. With every passing episode, the series got darker and more mysterious, posing a new set of twists and turns each time it aired.