Model-turned-businesswoman Candy Brar, who was eliminated from 'Bigg Boss 7' barely after two week's stay, took revenge on Vivek Mishra by throwing him out of a party.

Vivek got into the bad books of Candy after he commented on her personal life in the television reality show without even knowing her personally. The businesswoman entered 'Bigg Boss 7' house just to confront him but that was not to happen as he was evicted just before she joined the inmates.

Taking revenge for the episode, Vivek Mishra, who tried to gatecrash a party of Sunburn organised by Showman entertainment and Percept Ltd., was thrown out by Candy Brar who handles Business Marketing of Showman Entertainment.

"Vivek Mishra is not my kind of person. He doesn't know how to respect woman. He spoiled my image and said thing which is not real. He is not capable to stand in front of me; he is really an irresponsible person. He is good for nothing; he just wants to get fame by using people's name," said Candy.

The businesswoman had earlier made it clear that she entered 'Bigg Boss 7' to teach Vivek a lesson for maligning her reputation in the show.

"Nowadays ₹50 lakh can't even even buy you a home. So money was not the criteria. I went in there because someone I didn't know at all (Vivek Mishra) took my name in the context of (her ex-boyfriend) Kushal Tandon. I suddenly began getting calls from all and sundry asking what was that all about. I am not used to being questioned by relative strangers," CNN IBN quoted her as saying. 

"I've a very small circle of close friends whom I'm comfortable with. Here I was suddenly getting calls and messages from strangers. I just wanted to go in there and confront this guy. And look at my luck. The guy, who had put me in a compromising position, left. So I was basically left to wonder what I was doing in there."

Candy Brar, Arjun Bijlani
Arjun Bijlani With Candy Brar at party
Candy Brar, Ali Merchant, Aliza Khan
Candy Brar, Ali Merchant and Aliza Khan at party
Candy Brar
Candy Brar at party
Harry Sofia, Candy Brar
Harry Sofia with Candy Brar at party
Tina Dutta, Cnady Brar
Tina Dutta with Cnady Brar at party
Vivek Mishra
Vivek Mishra at Sunburn Party