Sunil in "Bheemvaram Bullodu" (Facebook)
Sunil in "Bheemvaram Bullodu" (Facebook)Facebook

Actor Sunil's much-awaited Telugu film "Bheemavaram Bullodu" has received mixed reviews (mostly negative) from critics.

Directed by Udaya Shankar, "Bheemavaram Bullodu" is a mass comedy entertainer starring Sunil and Esther Noronha in lead roles. The film's story revolves around Rambabu (Sunil), a timid guy from Bheemavaram who prefers to stay away from troubles. One day, he comes to know that he has brain tumour and will live only for 10 days due to changed hospital reports.

Rambabu tries to kill himself but a good samaritan (Tanikella Bharani) advises him to do something good for the society in his remaining days. So, Rambabu decides to shift to Hyderabad and help the society for a good cause. He works towards eliminating the bad guys in the city by joining his brother Posani (Posani Krishna Murali), who is a police officer.

While he helps the society by eliminating the bad guys, he also gains a lot of enemies. Along the way, he also falls in love with Nandini (Esther), the daughter of a film director (played by Sayaji Shinde), who hates love in real life.

What happens when Rambabu realises that he does not have brain tumour forms the crux of the story.

Critics have said that the film is a routine formula subject with nothing new added to it. However, they have appreciated Sunil's performance in the film.

Here is the review roundup of "Bheemavaram Bullodu"

According to Gulte, "'Bhimavaram Bullodu' is an unimpressive comedy that will not appeal to any section of audience. It is hard to sit through this film unless you are provided with the facility of fast forwarding the boring parts. You will be terribly disappointed if you are expecting genuine comedic moments from ace comedian Sunil. Better to watch his comedy bits on Gemini comedy or Youtube channel rather going for Bhimavaram Bullodu."

Karthik Pasupulate of The Times of India says, "Sunil is left mouthing half baked lines with a goofy straight face and he ends up looking like a bad caricature. The music and camera work seem like a throwback to small budget comedy films of the nineties."

"In one extended comic episode we have Sunil running away from the villains by spraying laughing gas at them. You'd just wish the filmmakers had the good sense of spraying the theatres with some doses of laughing gas."

According to 123telugu, "Despite sticking to a tried and tested formula, 'Bheemavaram Bullodu' is a film that does not work. The treatment of the film is very bad and Sunil's look is less than satisfactory. A lengthy runtime, low entertainment levels and outdated story make things even worse. A few comedy scenes in the second half are the only redeeming factors."

Indiaglitz says, "As a male lead, Sunil has stopped adding anything since his tryst with Rajamouli. It was Veerabhadram who tried to show him in a new light in 'Poola Rangadu' and that's the only exception. Here, Sunil dances well as usual, but his comic timing is nothing home to write about. A surprising deficiency for an actor who has made his mark with comedy roles. The rest of the cast perform well. Esther looks gorgeous, except when she smiles very broadly."

Verdict: Outdated - Nothing Laughable in this Typical Mass Comedy Film