Bhadram received positive reviews
Bhadram received positive reviewsFacebook

Ashok Selvan-Janani Iyer starrer "Bhadram", a murder mystery, has received positive reviews from critics.

"Bhadram" is the dubbed Telugu version of Tamil film "Thegidi", which hit the screens recently. And just like the Tamil version, "Bhadram" has also fetched positive feedback from critics. But it remains to be seen if the Telugu version will be able to repeat the success achieved by "Thegidi".

Story: Venu (Ashok Selvan), a criminology student, gets a job in a detective agency. His job is to shadow his "subjects", collect details about them, and provide it to the agency. Driven by passion, Venu completes his assignments efficiently.

One day, he is assigned a job of collecting a detailed report about Madhu (Janani Iyer). Venu befriends Madhu and falls in love with her. But soon he realises that the "subjects" that he had handled before die under mysterious circumstances. Venu fears for Madhu's life and feels she could be the next target. The rest of the story is about how he solves the mystery with the help of inspector Raghuram (Jayaprakash).

Critics appreciated the director for the film's plot and narration. Performances of the main cast have also won accolades. But on the flip side, critics feel that the film moves at a slow pace in some places. They also said that the romance part has not been established well.

Here is the review roundup of "Bhadram".

Jeevi, editor and reviewer of idlebrain, says: "Movies starts off in an interesting way. The romance-establishment part of it didn't go well. However, the murder mysteries keep you engaged. The second half is interesting as the puzzle gets unfolded."

"Plus points of the films are suspense elements, author-backed roles and fully-baked script. I have also liked graphic-style title cards design. On the flip side, the way protagonist behave in crime scenes (without taking precautions as he could become the suspect as he leaves trail) is amateurish. On a whole, you can throw caution (Bhadram) to the wind and may watch Bhadram safely (Bhadramga)!," he said.

According to Gulte: "Bhadram has some engaging moments here and there. The film opens on a leisure note and moves at a snail pace until the first murder is revealed. From then on it is a rollercoaster ride until interval. These scenes raise the bar for the second half, but the director failed to reach it. Despite few tension filled scenes in the second half, Bhadram gives a feeling that something is missing in the process."

According to 123telugu: "'Bhadram' is a good murder mystery and it will be an enjoyable thriller for the family. Good music, nice visuals and effective performances from Ashok and Jayaprakash are big bonuses for the film. A slightly slow second half and a predictable climax are notable issues. You may safely watch this film for a different kind of experience."

Verdict: Interesting suspense thriller that keeps you engaged.