Arrow (Facebook Screengrab)
Arrow (Facebook Screengrab)Facebook Screengrab

"Arrow" Season 2 is indeed getting thrilling by the day. Episode 20 of the show took off from Mirakuru drug scare, where Roy is seen lying unconscious at Arrow's den. Digg is worried about how much Mirakuru drug is inside Roy's system. Roy suddenly comes to consciousness and feels abnormally strong and kicks away Digg in the air.

Oliver/ Arrow and Sara/ Canary is shown making love to each other in a hotel room and reminiscing about the times they were young and intimate. Oliver suggests that Sara should move in with him. However, before Sara could say anything the phone bell rings and they are told about Roy's unusual strength and how he kicked Digg. 

While at the Queen's mansion Moira is giving an interview as she is leading in the mayor poll's race.

Roy goes on a rampage in the city and starts beating random guys in the city. It is the bad affect of Mirakuru drug, which is devised by Slade. Roy meets Sin but does not recognize her. Sin then calls Sara and tells her that she has found Roy.

Moira decides to drop out of the election race as she feels that her daughter Thea needs her more than the city.

When Oliver and Sara try explaining things to Roy, he gets violent and breaks Oliver's leg, after which Sara takes Oliver to the hospital. Thea watches Roy's footage of getting violent with policemen on TV and gets to know from Sin that Roy has been drugged. 

At the Arrow's hideout Sara tells Oliver that Roy should be killed. Roy sees Thea in his hallucination and goes to find her. Mark tells Oliver that Moira has dropped from election race. Oliver goes to his mother, Moira and tells her that she should fight elections and do good for the city. Moira suggests that she knows Oliver is Arrow.

Moira takes the podium to give her election speech and as soon as she is done, Roy comes there. Sara/ Canary tries to shoot him down but Oliver/Arrow interrupts her and knocks Roy out with his venom arrows.

Roy is kept as captive at Arrow's hideout. Queen's family comes together but suddenly their car is struck by something and in the next scene Thea, Oliver and Moira are seen tied up at Slade's mercy. The episode ends with Thea standing with mother's body Moira in hands.