Rovio Chief Executive Mikael Hed stands in front of an Angry Birds poster at his company's offices in Helsinki
Rovio, the Finish company that makes the Angry Birds, announced that they would release their trademark title on Facebook back in January, and true to their word the repetitive game of slingshots, birds and pigs is now available to all 800 million Facebook users right Helsinki August 16, 2010.REUTERS

Finnish video game developer Rovio Entertainment has re-launched its flagship "Angry Birds" game in the Windows Phone app store for free.

"This will be a completely separate download from the original "Angry Birds" title that some of you may already own. The reason why we're re-releasing the game is that it will be technically easier for us to support in the future, so we're really happy to get this out there!" Rovio Entertainment said in a statement.  

The company also specifically mentioned that gamers can download this new, improved version without losing their old "Angry Birds" game, including the stars and level progress. They can still continue to play the older version even after downloading the new one. The two versions are completely separate.

That's not all; the new version of "Angry Bird" game can be played even on a low-end Windows phone with 256 MB RAM. A minimum of 20MB memory is required for installing the game. The new version will feature 100 new levels totaling to 400 levels and this game will be available for free download until 15 May only.

Click here to download the new "Angry Birds" game.

On a related piece of news, Rovio Entertainment has also announced the new series 'Angry Bird Friends' on Android and Apple iOS platform based mobile devices. The game will be available for free download starting Monday (6 May). The company is yet to make a comment regarding the launch of the same game on Windows based devices.