Nani-Vaani Kapoor (Official Twitter Handle of Aaha Kalyanam)
Nani-Vaani Kapoor (Official Twitter Handle of Aaha Kalyanam)Twitter

"Aaha Kalyanam", the official Tamil remake of "Band Baaja Baaraat", has received positive reviews from critics.

Directed by debutant Gokul Krishna, "Aaha Kalyanam" has Nani ("Naan Ee" fame) and Bollywood actress Vaani Kapoor as the main leads. The film's story revolves around Shruthi (Vani) and Shakthivel (Nani), who are in the final year of their college.

Shruti is ambitious and wants to be a successful wedding planner. On the other hand, Shakhi is carefree and does not have any ambitions. However, he is ready to do anything to avoid going back to his village and work with his father in agriculture business. In a bid to escape from taking up his father's business, Shakthi asks Shruthi if he could be her business partner.

Though Shruthi is reluctant to have Shakthi as her business partner, she later agrees on a condition that their relationship should be purely professional. Shakthi relents and they both start their new venture. They work together and soon become popular and earn good money.

Shruthi slowly falls in love with Shakthi and during a success party involving booze, they both get intimate. However, things change the next day and they both part ways. What happens next forms the crux of the story.

Critics have appreciated the chemistry shared between Nani and Vaani Kapoor in the film. They have also appreciated the director's efforts to come out with an entertaining screenplay, while the film's cinematography (handled by Loganathan) has also earned appreciation.

On the flip side, the film's second half is slow paced and has a few dull moments. But, on the whole, "Aaha Kalyanam" is a clean entertainer and an enjoyable ride. The film offers visual treat by providing a bright and colourful ambience.

Here is the review roundup of "Aaha Kalyanam"

S Saraswathi of Rediff says, "Maneesh Sharma's story and Habib Faisal's screenplay received much appreciation in the original film, and thankfully director Gokul has not tampered with it much, tweaking it just slightly to add the local flavour."

"Music by Dharan Kumar and cinematography by Loganathan Srinivasan enhance the ambience of the film. Every frame is an explosion of brilliant colours -- reds, blues and yellows -- that bring out the extravagance and gaiety that is so typical of weddings in our country."

According to Indiglitz, "One of the most impressive features of the film is the sheer variety of wedding cultures and so many colours - it's a treat to the eyes. Compared to the pace at which the first half entertains, second half of the movie appears to slow down a bit in the beginning, but catches up in due course. The last song, the last wedding and climax are an icing on the cake. In all, the movie is a clean entertainer for all."

According to Behindwoods Review Board, "As far as performances, Aaha Kalyanam provides great scope for the leads and both Nani, who is known for his intense roles and Vaani, having won a Filmfare in her debut movie, keep up their reputation. The scene where they part and the climax sequence are perfect instances that show both are excellent performers."

"On the other hand, the supporting actors, Badava Gopi and Sriram deliver what is required from them and Simran, in her short appearance, is as brilliant as she has always been."

Siddarth Srinivas of Cinemalead says, "Sticking to the script of the original, the director has played it safe by carving out a replica of the Hindi version. However, he has ensured that the movie is bright and colorful to provide a glitzy treat to the eyes. Most of the movie is concentrated on the lead pair, who share a surprisingly good chemistry between them. The feel good factor is maintained till the very end without spoiling the essence of the movie."

Entertainment industry tracker Sreedhar Pillai says, "Aaha Kalyanam" is an "enjoyable fun ride. Crackling chemistry @NameisNani & Vaani. Director Gokul Krishna has faithfully remade the original ."

"Songs by @dharankumar_c r pleasing & making is good but pace slackens in 2nd half. Smartly packaged," he added.

Verdict: "Aaha Kalyanam" is a clean entertainer, provides a visual treat for the audience