Season 6 of AMC's "The Walking Dead" will premiere in October, and according to spoilers doing the rounds, the upcoming season is going to see more than one death.

The Spoiling Dead Fans, a reliable source for "The Walking Dead" spoilers, has revealed a snippet of how the mid-season finale would play out, and the final hour could see someone close to Rick succumbing to death.

Walkers are going to feature heavily in the upcoming season, and towards the end of the first half of the season, viewers are going to see Rick, Jessie, Carl, Michonne and Jessie's children trapped inside a house inside Alexandria Safe-Zone as walkers surround the place.

Although they will try to trick the walkers by covering themselves in walker guts, Jessie's son Sam gets taken by walkers. As Jessie tries to save her son, she grabs hold of Carl's hand and unintentionally drags him along with her into a pile of walkers.

This will force Rick to cut off Jessie's hand to save his son, and Jessie is devoured by walkers.

Jessie's other son Ron gets furious with Rick for not attempting to save his mother and he will attempt to kill Rick by pulling out his gun and taking a shot at him. However, Carl will jump in front of his father to save him, and he will take a bullet in his eye.

"Michonne immediately kills Ron. Rick grabs Carl and freaks out. No idea what Father G is doing this whole time. A couple scenes later Rick apparently goes absolutely crazy and starts killing walkers. Alexandrians join in. This is the end of what is known about this big scene," The Spoiling Dead Fans noted.

Although the spoiler forum has been unable to verify this information, it seems possible that the show will follow its source material – the comic books by Robert Kirkman – as actor Chandler Riggs, the actor who plays Carl, was recently spotted with what looked like a bandage on his right eye.

"The Walking Dead" season 6 premieres on Sunday, 11 October at 9pm on AMC.